Auntie Loo's Treats is a small Ottawa based bake shop and wholesaler that is 100% vegan and mostly organic. There are never any dairy or eggs on premises or in the treats. All recipes have been converted from the recipes Ms. Loo made with her family while growing up.
While the base of the business is wholesale, (treats can be found at most health food shops around town) she also operates a small cash-only take out counter from her shop at 507 Bronson Ave. (between McLeod and Flora st, one block from Jak's kitchen).
She is also proud to offer vegan wedding cakes.
The shop carries at least one gluten free offering every day.
Auntie Loo's also does wedding and specialty cakes.
For more information about Auntie Loo's please see the website, twitter or facebook group.

Foods from Auntie Loo's Treats

2011 Feb 12
I had always been meaning to try Auntie Loo's cupcakes, so yesterday my friend and I split a London Fog & Berry Beet cupcake. Overall, I found Auntie Loo's cake very light and sweet. Her icing was very generous (if you favour your icing over your cake, these cupcakes are a winner), heavy, and seemed shortening based... as opposed to a regular, lighter buttercream, for example. You can really sink your teeth into this icing and leave a mark. It reminded me of the sort of icing my grandma used to make.

The London Fog cupcake was great - I couldn't pick out the Earl Grey flavour for the cake, it was very subtle and light, and the icing was very lemon-y - a little overpowering in contrast with the cake. Definitely not the tea-vanilla flavour I was expecting, but delicious nonetheless. Very sweet and moist. Definitely one for lemon lovers.

I liked the Berry Beet the most. The cake was a moist beet-chocolate flavour and it was topped with a dark pink, extremely flavourful berry icing. Mmmm. The cake had the earthy sweetness of beets, and the chocolate just made the combo with the berry icing even better. An unusual combo, but a definite must-try.

On every trip to Bank's Herb & Spice, I can never resist grabbing one with my groceries.

2010 Dec 22
i got the walnut toffee (square?), omg yum!
the texture of the cake was different, but a pleasant surprise. maybe rice flour? in any case, it was so moist, and definitely satisfied my craving! the topping was sugar-crusted walnuts (rather than chewy toffee), but i could taste some roasty-bits which was really nice.

this was my first visit, i'm glad i finally stopped in.

2010 Sep 14
Update - I got a cake for hubby's surprise party, same flavour as the cupcakes. I got the 10", which her site says serves 12 adults - that would be 12 very hungry adults! We had leftovers for days, which we were pretty jazzed about.

The cake was not only 10" in diameter - it was also about 5" high! Amazing! It was made of chick pea and rice flour, and just like the cupcakes it was moist, rich, and delicious. Another party guest who has celiac informed her husband that she wanted the cake for her birthday as well.

I can't say enough about this place - delicious and just plain awesome.

2010 Sep 9
Everything you've heard is true - Auntie Loo's baked goods are moist, delicious, and amazingly priced. Even better, though, is the fact that Mandi (owner) is kind, thoughtful, and extraordinarily helpful. She really gets that people who have dietary restrictions just want something safe and delicious.

I wanted to surprise my hubbie with vegan birthday treats (since he gets terribly sick when he accidentally eats dairy, gluten, etc), and she delivered precisely what was promised. We got customized lemon vanilla cupcakes. Her shop is inviting and open, and I plan to go back for as long as there is an Auntie Loo's to go to!

I love supporting businesses run by great people that have truly stunning products.

*she is currently running a cash only business! Visit the bank before stopping by!!

2010 Sep 4
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo moist and delicious. Eat these... especially the peanut butter chocolate cupcakes!!!!


2010 Dec 22
i had the lemon earl-grey. good texture, and moist. the lemon was overpowering the tea quite a bit, also because the cake is not too sweet (in a good way). icing had a nice texture, not too heavy or greasy. quite sweet, but it's icing...

disclaimer: i had this the next day after leaving it on my counter, so the icing hardened a touch on the surface... maybe next time i will try it fresh, because the texture of that walnut toffee square was deeeeeelicious

2010 Sep 9
these vegan treats are out of this world!

normally i'm pretty skeptical of most foods labelled vegan but these treats are the real thing!

the cupcakes are moist and flavorful, the frosting a little on the sweet side for me but when I'm feeling something less sweet I usually go for the vegan gluten free soy free brownies. I assure you, fellow food hounds, these are the definitive moist, fudgie, delicious and melt in your mouth brownies I have ever had.

You can not go wrong with this one!