Ottawa's only 100% gluten-free restaurant

Foods from Caprese Ristorante Italiano


2010 Nov 28
I'll start out by saying that this was a fun place to go to because we used to visit here when it was Rasputin's bar back at the beginning of time. They made toast, but that was about it. Still, the cuisine was about the same.

This review for Caprese is not going to be favourable. I'm just putting that out in advance. A group of about a dozen of us went there to appease the Celiac in the group. Now, while I have a great deal of sympathy for those suffering with this affliction, I'm going to suggest that we find another place to eat the next time we go out. We made a reservation days in advance, so they knew a large group was coming.

When thinking of ideas for a gluten-free restaurant, Italian wouldn't be my first choice. All that pasta? Bad idea.

The soup was nice. It was tasty and hot.

The 'bread' was actually kind of good, but scarce.

The appetizers were portioned a bit small and were of average quality.

Main courses were not exciting. At all.

Dessert was a disaster. The Dragonlady and I both ordered the Creme Caramel. It arrived semi-frozen and was only barely edible.

The wine was what I expected, if a bit pricey. Truthfully, the entire meal was more than a bit pricey.

I know that the kitchen in that place is small. Still, it took forever to get served.

BTW, Dolce Vita does gluten free as well ... but better.