Foods from New Town Chinese Food


2010 May 6
This is my favorite Chinese place outside of Chinatown. I still get takeout from here even though I've moved to the West end of the city. I've had a chance to compare it to at least 3-4 other popular Chinese places outside of Chinatown and this is by far the best imo. For example, I tried Silver Dragon since its near the new place I moved to, and it just doesn't compare. Very bland and bad imo. Yet people seem really impressed by it and its one of the highest rated on other websites.

At New Town I usually have their Chow Mein. Chicken Fried Rice. Egg Rolls. I have had their Dumplings. Soups. All top class.

Sometimes if I can't spend much I just buy their Egg Rolls or Chicken Fried rice because it is good on its own. I especially like the egg rolls. They are crispy on the outside, meaty and fresh, on the inside. There is "substance" to the egg rolls, a craving you get from eating them, it doesn't feel empty or bland inside.

so check it out if you are ever in the area!