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Bakery in Richmond - home baked goodies, including donuts.

Richmond Bakery
Foods from Richmond Bakery

2016 Mar 30
@SushiStevie - I cannot possibly heart you enuf for that.

2016 Mar 30
It's been gone about a year..

They look like they're ready yo open any day now!

2016 Mar 30
Sorry can't help myself

2016 Mar 30
I assume like a bar/restaurant type roadhouse.

2016 Mar 29
What do you mean by "roadhouse"?

2016 Mar 29
We went by here on Sunday and there is a roadhouse going into this location.


2011 Nov 22
The recent chatter about Suzy Q doughnuts made me think of the delicious jam filled doughnuts I get every time I go to Richmond. Better price, and to my mind better flavour (real jam of course)