Foods from La Bocca Juice

2010 May 6
We make it a point to have a crepe here.We both had the same one, with sweet cheese, banana, fresh magoes, fresh papayas, and fresh strawberries, nuts and honeyyyyyy for about 9$,we had a wonderful lunch, filling and oh yeah so tasty!It is fast, inexpensive, and more importantly, veryyyy yummmmyyyy.MMMM.... Crepes, I'm sold. Can never go wrong w/ this place. perfecto, clean # 1, amazing staff.
have you booked your flight to la bocca juice?!? :P


2010 Oct 20
what can i say except........oooooooooh my god
i love there chocolate crepes with these wonderfull fruits topping and especely the stawberry juice yummy yummy thank tiya for taking me there i ll defenitly go back tomorrow if i still have place lol