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Cupcakes at The Flour Shoppe
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2010 Jul 22
A great spot for those who never find time to bake. I enjoyed a visit with my daughter just after they opened. Eye appealing,but too much icing for me...taste was not exceptional, and I expected a lot more for my 2.50 plus tax...I was inspired to run home and prepare my own.

2010 Jul 22
I don't get it! I've had many of Melissa's cupcakes -- and they've always been wonderful. Moist flavourful cake, creamy icing and surprising flavours.

2010 Jul 19
Sugar Pusher is dead on in their review on the Flour Shoppe! I was there right when it opened and didn't want to be too harsh in my review of a new business. But several subsequent visits have been extremely disapointing - regardless of the flavour I choose, the frosting continues to have an oily aftertaste, while the cake is crumbly and flavourless. Overall, the product is entirely forgettable - so unfortunate for cupcakes!

The best cupcakes I've had in the city are the ones you order in advance from the candy store in Westboro and pick up on Saturdays. As well, the cupcakes at the Second Avenue Bakery are pretty good, though often too sweet to down in one sitting.

2010 Jul 18
I had read an article featuring The Flour Shoppe in the Summer 2010 issue of Ottawa At Home magazine and was extremely interested in trying their cupcakes. My interest however waned very quickly.

The day before Canada Day I happened to be downtown and made a point of stopping in for some cupcakes. Four cupcakes and $11 later I left the shop disappointed in the days selection (I had been hampering for a taste of the lime coconut or lemon raspberry) but looking forward to sampling what was sure to be a wonderful cupcake experience.


Later that evening after a scrumptious dinner of burgers on the BBQ, I carefully split my 4 selections into three giving each memeber of my family a sampling. On offer were - Double Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, & Strawberry. We all concluded that the crumbly Coconut was by far the best of the bunch and the excessively dry Double Chocolate the most disappointing. The Vanilla Bean rated a "so-so" with the Strawberry a very close 2nd in terms of disappointment to the Double Chocolate.

On the whole, not a great experience and not one that I would repeat.

2010 Jul 15
I picked up 6 cupcakes for a party at my friends house. Extremely disappointed - the cake was so dry and crumbly and really didn't have any flavour. A friend at the party had purchased them before as well and found the same thing. Not worth the $2.50 each.

2010 Jul 8
on friday last week, i picked up 2 cupcakes to try. a lime coconut and vanilla bean. i was not very excited about that days flavours. there were two chocolate base ones, a maple and then the 2 i bought.

frosting: this was good. surprisingly for a bakery (based on my cupcake experience in this town). it wasn't greasy and didn't leave a weird feeling on the roof of my mouth (no shortening, or just less than other places?)

cake: the coconut base was tasty, but crumbled into dust. it was impossible to cut in half to share, it just crumbled. the vanilla held its shape better and had a nice light feel. not too dense, but not synthetic and airy the way cake mixes are.

flavour: i liked the combination of coconut and lime, but the crumb of the cake was disappointing, so i won't order it again. the vanilla was good, but for $2.50, i'd rather have something else.

dislike - this is my personal dislike that happened here, though i hate it anywhere. the radio was playing too loudly. not music, but bad, bad dj banter. i hate radio stations playing in restaurants or shops. i'd rather have musak then dj commentary. frankly, it turned off my girly cupcake experience.

2010 May 16
i came by here this morning to give one of their cupcakes a whirl. my judgement of baked goods is essentially that you should have the classic down before you break out any fancy flavours.

while embean tells me that i should try the double chocolate, i had the vanilla and i wasn't particularly impressed.

it's better than some of the others in town - moister and the icing wasn't oily. but the icing was much too thick and the cake was too sweet. the cake also didn't taste so much of vanilla as it did just of cake. (there's a difference between white cake and vanilla cake. this was closer to white cake).

i don't know if i'll be back, but i might send my husband to try the chocolate.

2010 May 13
I had a sample of vanilla latte today, and it was SO good. Regarding oilyness (oiliness?), there was a bit of an oilyness to the chocolate flavours I tried, but not at all in the vanilla. Maybe they are still tweaking their recipes.

2010 May 8
Their oven broke on the second day they were open, but happily they were back in business today with a number of flavours to choose from - chocolate chipotle, coconut, peanut butter,and chocolate on a vanilla or chocolate cake. There was also a mini lemon raspberry cupcake available for sampling.

The space is located at 617 Bank St, on the corner next to the Domicile office. It is very nicely decorated inside and there is a decent seating area with plenty of natural light. I would say this factor alone - being able to sit down to linger over your treat with a cup of coffee - gives them an edge over the competition, which includes the cupcakes offered by Second Avenue Sweets a few blocks away, that you have to take with you. Ottawa simply doesn't have enough dessert cafes, so it's nice to see another alternative to Oh So Good, as well as something in the Glebe.

But to be honest, I wasn't blown away by the cupcakes themselves at the Flour Shoppe. I had both the lemon raspberry sample and the double chocolate cupcake. While the cake was moist and the icing was plentiful, I found a bit of oiliness in the aftertaste, and nothing to it overall to make me want to come back for more. These definitely don't compare to cupcakes I have had in other cities, including Crave in Calgary, the Magnolia in New York, and Cupcakes in Vancouver. However, the business has only just opened, and hopefully the menu offerings will evolve over time.

2010 May 5
They are across the street from The Works.

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2013 Dec 31
There seem to be two distinct types of cupcake in Ottawa. One emphasizes a moist and delicious cake balanced with a sweet icing, the other uses the cake as an incidental "holder" for a mountain of tasty and well balanced icing. Based on my sampling of The Flour Shoppe 's Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake, their version is firmly in the latter camp.

The chocolate cake was dryish--almost crumbly--as others have noted. But this peanut butter icing was amazing. I'd compare it to that delicious cream layer in Gezellig's famous Peanut Butter Finger dessert. While I've enjoyed the "great cake" cupcakes at other places, I have to agree with The Flour Shoppe that cupcakes are really all about the icing. And in that area they certainly deliver.

So if you approach the cake here as more of an ice cream cone whose main role is to hold the feature ingredient I think you will be very pleased.

2010 Jul 13
I had a free sample (chocolate) over a month ago during Art in the Park (can't remember its new name). The cupcakes were not overly sugared, which is a definite plus. The chocolate frosting was decent and fresh tasting, but the actual cake was dry, crumbly, and disappointing. I could neither taste the eggs, nor detect any sponginess in the texture. For my money, I'd walk the extra ten blocks to La Brioche for French pastries or baclava.

2010 May 8
Being relatively new to Ottawa and the Glebe area, I was pleasantly surprised to come across The Flour Shoppe this week! I guess the shop is brand new and has been opening for trial hours this week, with a regular schedule to be coming soon. On Thursday they were having some oven troubles, but were still welcoming customers (like me) into the store for a looksy and the owner offered me a free cupcake card, which I used for an amazing Lemon Raspberry cupcake.
The cake was moist and fresh, as was the smooth frosting. You can definitely tell they use real butter and not shortening substitues as the cake and icing both melted in the mouth nicely with none of the typical plastic after taste that other more commerical bakeries leave you with.
They seem to have a great selection with a rotation of flavours throughout the week....can't wait to see what they all are...definitely making a return trip!
Oh and I also love the decor...clean, white, minimalist, reminds me of Europe! :)