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Foods from Bobbie's Pizza

2011 Jan 24
I wanted some pizza the other night, so I looked at my area and then verified them against reviews on here. Now I know that the posting is from April, but I figured it should still be good.

Very friendly on the phone and the driver as well!

The pizza however, not so much. I ordered it with extra sauce and "easy on the cheese". The pizza arrived and was overcooked so the cheese was somewhat congealed on top and the cheese didn't "stretch" as it should on a good pizza.

The sauce was okay, if there hadn't been such a glop of cheese on it, it would have been much better.

They do this simply because most places water down their sauce (this is why pizza in Ottawa has no kick) and then they don't want the pizza to be too runny, so they seal it with cheese.

I used to order pizza in Montreal (and at a place in Chrysler) and never had this issue.

I could only eat two pieces and sadly did not enjoy it.

I got two free drinks with my pizza which is nice, but they never asked me what kind I wanted and just gave me Pepsi. Maybe you just get what get, which is okay too.

Too bad because it is always a bonus to have real (and nice) people on the other end of the line.

The search goes on!

2010 Apr 30
Our employer treated us to pizza today from this place, and the "Deli" one was extremely good. Not overly greasy, extremely flavourful. I'd definitely go here if I were in the neighbourhood. In fact our SW design lead likes it so much he trekked across town to get it here instead of just ordering delivery from one of the places near our office.