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A pub located halfway down Elgin Street showing major sporting events on the big screens. Around 9-10pm, the atmosphere changes from a relaxed pub to hopping bar.

Hooley's Pub
Hooley's Pub
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2012 May 3
I went to Hooley’s last night before checking out the amateur night at Yuk Yuk’s. Yuk Yuk’s is awesome by the way, and I laughed my ass off last night!

For the record, on Wednesday’s, everything on Hooley’s menu is half price! Score! Every single thing on the menu becomes dirt cheep. The menu itself is much better then almost any conventional pub in town. The food is not gastro-pub quality by any means, but their dinner offerings are very creative and unique, and there is something on the menu for everybody.

The service was great, we had a lovely waitress, who was courteous, friendly and did a great job!

Both my buddy and I ordered “manly” monstrosities as we labelled them. I ordered “Gillians burger” which if I remember correctly consisted of a cheese injected burger, topped with a slice of sharp cheddar, drizzled with cheese and bbq sauce, topped with a few cheese Doritos and served with MacDonald’s-like shoestring French fries that were coated in what I guess is white cheese kd mix. Holy HELL! This burger should be illegal. I ate most of this decadent mess and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am actually trying to gain some weight, so I think this was a good choice.

**note on the patty. Again, by Ottawa custom, the mince was unseasoned, but I will say that it was a fresh burger. It was not a frozen product, and it was served quite pink. Although I didn't ask for it, I like my burgers that way, but just be careful if you don't. I didn't get sick last night, and I'm still going strong, so I would say Hooley's uses good quality beef. +1

2012 May 3
My buddy ordered the: fried pulled pork sandwich. Ok, this thing was equally wack. A brick of deep fried pulled pork on a bun with red cabbage and other goodies. I didn’t try it, but my friend said, “It’s good, I’m glad I tried it; I know some people who would absolutely love this; but I’m not sure if I would order it again”. But at 7 bucks, worth the experience.

Hooley’s has a fun menu, friendly and attentive staff and it is right next to Yuk Yuk’s, so all in all, it’s a great watering hole.

2011 Apr 9
went here last night for the first time. we were part of a large party, which may explain some of the defects in service, but even then, we didn't get our pitchers for about half an hour, and food was relatively just as slow at coming out. the rest of my table ordered the nachos, appetizers were all half price, and i ordered the cheese pierogies. the nachos were the worst nachoes i have ever had. basically stale thin chips, sprinkled with miniscule chopped bits of green pepper an tomatoes and topped with the thinest layer of glue consistency, three cheese combo. there wasn't even salsa on it. everything was horrible about these chips.
my pierogies on the other hand, weren't superb, but were a definite improvement in quality over the nachos. they were basically fried balls of cheese though, resembling pierogies only in shape. they were toped with sauteed onions, which awkwardly dressed the 6 bite sized piergies, and it came with a plastic little cup of tasteless sour cream, celery stick and two ripped pieces of romaine lettuce. also ordered a kamikaze, which they had no idea what it was, so ordered a long island, which was horribly weak. the only consolation was that i didn't pay full price for anything i ordered as it was hooley's hour with half price appetizers and $4 mixed drinks.
would never go again.

2011 Jan 2
Rarely do I miss a wing night with friends at Hooley's. We started going in September '10 at which point their wings were 25 cents. They seem to consistently be tinkering with their wing night prices. Wings are now 35 cents and I believe the price of domestic draft went up slightly too. Nothing to complain about though as I can usually get out of there with a $10 bill pre-tip (One plate of wings, one beer).

Each order consists of 10 large, breaded wings. I'm not too adventurous when it comes to wings - I usually order medium. These are, though, in my opinion, the best value for wings in Ottawa (rivaled only by the nearby James Street Pub who has unlimited wings for $10 on Mondays).

I also like their Guinness Chocolate Sundae - moist Guinness chocolate brownies and vanilla soft serve in a Guinness draft glass. A steal at $5.00. I would not, however, recommend the apple crumble. It's quite bland. Hooley's also has half price menu night on Wednesdays.


2010 Apr 20
On Monday nights, you are most likely to find me at Hooleys, chomping down on some $0.25 huge wings. Hooley's has a vast selection of flavours, many seldom seen anywhere else. These include all of the heats, Suicide, Caribbean Jerk, Cajun, Lemon Pepper, BBQ Mesquite, Salt and Vinegar, Sweet Chilli, Honey Garlic and Halifax Heat with Dill to name a few. I have sampled almost all. Halifax Heat tends to be my favourite, with what they describe as a Gyro sauce mixed with Hot sauce and Dill. Its creamy and delicious...however given the massive size of the (breaded)wings, I can rarely finish them.

My friends and I will typically each order a different flavour then split and share them. Many of the flavours are great, but are just a little too much to have a full 10 wings! The 3 types of hot wings are not unbearable, but do get pretty warm after a couple. The Salt and Vinegar are great...but I would say definitely one you want to share in a group...after 2-3, the salt is burning your lips...they're perhaps worse than the hot wings!

An additional benefit to Monday night Wing Night at Hooley's is that it is also $4.00 domestic draft night. While I would challenge some of what they do and don't consider domestic draft, its a great deal when your total bill after 10 huge wings and a pint is still under $10 before tip! Hooley's domestic draft includes Bud, Bud Light, Blue, Kokanee, Labatt's 50 and Harp.

As the warmer weather sets in, Monday night wing nights seem to be growing in popularity, or maybe we've just been going later in the evening, but if you have a large group, I recommend getting there early in order to sit together. They have also been running out of Kokanee and Blue the last few times I've visited, which may be considered to be a good reason to get there a little earlier as well.

**Note that you may want to confirm prices prior to ordering as they seem to be working out their pricing. Halifax Heat with Dill was $0.25 a wing, however I guess it is considered a premium flavour, so they charged me an extra $1.00 for it for the first time this time. Also, I was given free refills on my pop last night, but last week when I was drinking draft and my friend was drinking pop, there were no free refills.

Wing Size: 9
Wing Sauce/Flavour: 8.5 (based on quantity of flavours, but there are some you expect to be much hotter than they are, such as Hot, Suicide and Caribbean Jerk)
Recommended Beer: $4.00 domestic Kokanee.