Foods from Amore


2010 Apr 5
I've been to Amore a few times for breakfast. The food is okay. I've had better, I've had worse.

The Hollandaise sauce is a little thin.

The homefries don't have any seasoning on them which is a shame. Well, actually, the food in general is not seasoned at all.

On my first visit, one thing I really didn't appreciate was that the poached egg for the Eggs Benedict was not drained properly before being placed on the ham. This makes the bread, ham and sauce watery and soggy.

On the second visit I asked for fruit instead of home fries with my Eggs Benedict and the server told me it already came with fruit. So I told her not to give me the homefries then and could I have a bit more fruit. I ended up getting two slices of orange and banana instead of one.

Portions aren't supersized which is nice but you get your money's worth.

The service is great. Fast, friendly and attentive.

It's still a fairly new establishment. Hopefully they will improve the food's seasoning over time.