This Moroccan merchant in Aylmer sells coffees and teas from all over the world, in grain format or ground according to the coffee maker used by the client.

He sells Jura machines, Swiss-made, among others, Guzzinis cups, plates, saucers, carafes, Bodums, etc.

He also has various Berber hand-crafted items, like glass tea cups with Arabic script, olive oils, almond oils, spices, chocolates. The craft houseware items he often brings back himself from trips to Morocco.

You can also have a coffee as you like it and home-made pastry to go.

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2016 Jan 22
Excellent coffee beans selection, specially for espresso lovers. It's probably the best coffee shop in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. I recommend the Moka Harrar for espresso, produces a very rich and thick crema, excellent moka type coffee, very low acidity; I usually have 3 double shots every day.

It's located in the Aylmer little "downtown", and is worth the detour if you plan also to visit the marina in the summer.

-Fred H.

2010 Feb 24
Great products offered by a very professional, knowledgeable, patient and friendly owner/manager, Majoub, in a very attractive, spotless, tastefully decorated and arranged retail space.

My favourite coffee is the Tanzanian peaberry and his Costa Ricans, but his own mixes are very good too, not to mention the other beans from other regions. He also sells Blue Mountain at $13/100g I think, best espresso I ever had.

Majoub knows his products like no other coffee/tea purveyor I know.

Hardware-wise sells a wide range of very attractive Guzzini items, and reps Jura machines in the area.

Located in Aylmer in the L-shaped CIBC strip mall, where the DQ, M&M, Casa Grecque, and Intersport are also situated, right on the Main Aylmer Road across from the big Galeries mall.

He usually has delicious home-made Moroccan pastries on hand to take away with a nice cup of java, as he also sells coffee by the cup.

My one and only source for coffee.


2012 Feb 21
Fantastic place. Only source for coffee. Really knows his stuff. Have purchased coffee, tea, espresso machine and many other toys and treats.

A really nice family runs this place.