It's a burger joint located in the same space as The Butchery in Bells Corners. Right now it's Vera's Express, meaning it has a limited menu. They serve a single burger, double, hot dog or chicken burger all with the usual suspects for toppings.

Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Hot Dogs at Vera's Burger Shack
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Hamburgers at Vera's Burger Shack
Hamburgers at Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
Vera's Burger Shack
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2012 Aug 9
Best burger I have had in a long time.

Stopped in to Vera's for lunch last week for a burger with cheese, bacon and sauteed onions. Burger was fantastic, cooked just right, very big, juicy and flavourful. The toppings, especially the onions were a hit. The fries were great too - fresh, hot and crispy. Thankfully we shared a large order, which could easily serve 3 people. Wish Vera's had longer hours as I noticed that they do close early.

This place is now my favourite spot for a great burger as The Works IMHO is overrated, don't need 80 topping variations and Hintonburger has gone downhill and the last two visits the burgers were overcooked and charred.
Something is missing about Dick's burger, just can't put my finger on it, but it will do in a pinch.
Five-guys is much better than some of my recent experiences at Hintonburger and Big Rig. Good value for money here and a much better option than the fast food chains, I would say a safe place to eat when travelling.

Hoping to try Baja, Chez Lucien and Art-is-in in the near future.

2012 Jul 4
I guess it's a consistency thing because my first trip here found the burger to be a tad under seasoned as were the grilled onions. For comparison's sake, the burger patty, soft, moist and roughly ground was better than the Works. The bun was too.

2012 Jun 21
Seconding STH, also not impressed with Vera's offering. I was there last month after wandering the city looking for something that was up to Hintonburger's previous standard of burger greatness. This isn't it, the patty wasn't as moist as I like it and just far too salty for both myself and my husband. Fries were somewhat soggy, and I missed having the 6oz option at Hintonburger as this burger was too much for me.

My search for a Hintonburger replacement continues... although I know that on any given Saturday that search ends at Art-is-In but it would be nice to have a burger option the other 6 days of the week, and in the off-season.

2012 May 9
Not too impressed. No where was it mentioned if you could combo up. I think you should have the option to even if this place is an "Express". It has the fries there.

Although the prices are a little high for my liking, the burgers were a nice serving, nothing spectacular. The hotdog was okay, it came on a nice bun.

The fries on the other hand were not so good. Limp, and even if it's double dipped it shouldn't be so brown. Perhaps changing the oil might help! A good fry is golden crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside.

I even found amongst the burnt, lifeless fries an uncooked fry. But that didn't matter, they all tasted uncooked to me.

The Vera's sauce was a nice subtle touch, and that is something to be said as I'm not one for mayo on my hamburger.

It'd be nice to know if the meats were local ...

Still looking for a good burger place at decent prices.

2012 Feb 22
Stopped in to Vera's for lunch today for a burger with cheese, bacon and sauteed onions. Burger was fantastic, very juicy and flavourful. The only problem was that the sauteed onions were WAY over salted. After pulling them off, the burger was delicious. I used a 2-for-1 burger coupon that was in the latest valpak that comes in the mail, and shared with a coworker. They had a small hand written sign up today indicating that there were no fries available, which was somewhat disappointing. Nonetheless, an amazing hamburger, I would return for sure.

2011 Oct 12
Was out in Bell’s Corners looking for somewhere to eat on Saturday and (luckily) came upon the strip mall that houses The Butchery and, in the front corner of the stone, Vera’s Burger Shack.

As others have professed, this is a GREAT burger. Every bite fantastic. Thick, juicy patty on a simple bun with your choice of regular hamburger toppings (e.g., ketchup, mustard, relish, tomatoes, pickles, etc.). I also chose Vera’s special sauce but actually couldn’t distinguish it.

I thought fries were great too – fresh, hot and crispy. Didn’t realize drinks were bottomless, will take advantage of this next time.

It’s a busy place - lots of people streaming in with smiles on their faces, leaving with even bigger smiles!

2011 Sep 26
I don't get out to Bells Corners much (The wait at the border is a pain and i find the time difference disorienting :) ). So when a convenient opportunity presented itself i was thrilled to be able to get to Vera's to try the burgers raved about elsewhere.

And y'know what... they totally lived up to the hype.

BIG meaty flame grilled burger, done perfectly, a little char, juicy on the inside, tasty meat.

Fresh toppings, nothing tasted wilted and the Verasauce (garlic mayo more or less) was right on as a condiment.

Solid bun-delivery-system, no complaints.

AWESOME double-sizzled fries. One large is ample for 2 ppl.

And i appreciate the bottomless soft drinks, because you can never have enough liquid sugar beverage with a burger/fries meal. :)

Seriously, and i don't say this lightly, they gave Hintoburger a run for my dollars. If geography didn't work against Vera i would be there far far more often.

2 single burgers, 1 large fries, 2 drinks, $25. totally worth it. Will be back, will send others.

2011 Mar 11
Went to Vera's this evening for the first time and it surely won't be our last. Double burger with bacon and cheese was delicious. It's now among my top two favorite burgers in Ottawa. The ordering system is a little different filling out a small form which resulted in a few questions but was quickly cleared up. The fries were super crispy must be that double fry method. Definitely something that all fries should experience. My wife had a hot dog with cheese and bacon and enjoyed it enough to comment on when our next visit was going to be. Glad they have the option of stuffing yourself if need be with the double burger. Next visit will be the single I think.

2011 Feb 5
My wife and I went to Vera's last weekend, and had a great experience.

As people have said, the burgers are delicious (juicy but not pink in the middle, if that is your thing), and the fries were crisp.

One thing I was not expecting, though, was how good the spicy chicken burger was. It was similar to the "Buffalo chicken sandwiches" that you can get at chain restaurants, only made with eighteen times more love.

I need more excuses to visit Bells Corners...maybe I can scrounge up enough stuff to justify a Goodwill run.

2011 Jan 15
Double Burger with cheese and bacon @ Vera's. Echoing previous remarks, it's a juicy, large, delicious burger which has, in my experience, always been cooked perfectly. Don't look for toppings like guacamole, goat cheese or pineapple here. It is indeed a "backyard bbq" treat, and not the kind of bbq which charges $75 a ticket, offers new taste creations and pairings to knock your socks off. This burger represents cottaging, old-school drive-ins and is bursting with classic flavour (and calories).

The place definitely gets busy. I suggest trying to get there at off-peak hours.

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2012 May 13
This place definitely gets my vote for best “non-gourmet, fast food-ish” burger (although I am waiting for Baja Burger Shack to re-open for the season so I can try that).

In comparison to other places around town, the burger does not fall apart like the one at Five Guys and is more flavourful than anything available at The Works or Hintonburger. The basket of fries is enormous (more than enough for 2 people) and are not as salty as Five Guys. I wish they would open another location closer to the centre of the city (on second thought maybe that’s not a good idea!)

2012 Feb 11
Our Saturday lunch was great today. Had a Vera burger with cheese and bacon,sauteed onions,tomato,hot peppers,pickels,mustard,ketsup and mayo. Have to say in the top three Ottawa burgers. Would have to side by side Baja and Quinn's to make the decision. Definatly not for the megar appetite. Do not know what I was thinking last visit ordering a double but at least it is offered. Juicy burger today grilled just seconds past medium with a a ever so slight pink inside. Not overly seasoned and most of the toppings came through perfectly especially the pickels. One gripe was the bacon could have been a bit more predominant. Seating was a premium today full up by noon.

2011 Jun 6
just love the taste and texture of these burgers...just don't order a large fry - you'll need a family of 4 to finish them off.

2010 Apr 18
monty nailed it with "it's just a simple, honest burger that's done right."

Our patties were very lightly seasoned so there wasn't much flavour other than the ground beef. This is a burger for true backyard burger lovers (which I admit I am not). They are flame-grilled, which makes for a somewhat burnt gas-BBQ kind of flavour. (I got a crunchy piece of carcinogenic grit in one bite.) The toppings are good, and it's nice to be able to choose them by ticking off boxes on a checklist! The pickle is kosher-style brined, which may be unexpected. I'll skip it next time.

However, the patties are wonderfully moist inside. The Works could learn a thing or two from Vera's Burger Shack!

2010 Feb 19
agreed this is easily one of the best burgers in the city. the bun and toppings are simple, nothing fancy. it's the PATTY that really stands out here. they're grilled to order and incredibly flavourful and juicy.

really it's just a simple, honest, burger that's done right.


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2012 Feb 11
Basket of fries. As FF says thin cut but not overly salty or greasy today. Sure were crispy. Usually I like them a bit thicker but they sure did hit the spot!

2010 Apr 18
The fries are good if you like them thin-cut, brown, crispy, salty, and greasy! Great with ketchup.

2012 Feb 11
The little lady sure likes her hot dogs. Actually this is the reason we ventured out to Vera's today. Hard to find a good dog in Ottawa but the quarter pound all beef Vera dog I'm told is at the top of the list. Great texture with a smokey flavor from the grill. This is the place for the big dawgs!