Foods from Ciccio Ristorante


2008 Apr 7
Went here for dinner on Saturday night with Q. The place was full but because we were only 2, we were able to get a table. This place has a nice "family" feel to it.
I know it's way out of season, but the bruschetta was made with dried herbs. Pretty dissapointing.
I had the seafood pasta & Q had the tortellini. My pasta was excellent but the mussels that were placed around the plate were gritty. Q found that the tortellini was a bit boring. We were too full to even think about dessert!

2007 Mar 27
Last night I had the pleasure of dining again at Cicco Caffé with friends. And yet again, we enjoyed a very good meal.

As a group, we started with the mussels steamed in white wine. The mussels were steamed perfectly and were very tasty, although I found the white wine sauce was a bit salty for my liking.

For my main course, I had the fettucine in a spicy cream sauce with diced chicken. The pasta was cooked al dente, and the cream sauce had just a bit of a peppery bite. The chicken was still tender and there was a good quantity in the dish. One friend had the homemade lasagne, and the others in the group had the ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese in a tomato meat sauce. Everyone throughly enjoyed their meals.

For dessert, we each had a dish of tiramisu. I found it was good, with lightly-espresso-soaked ladyfingers around the outside of the bowl, with a generous serving of mascarpone cheese in the middle, drizzled with chocolate shavings. A fairly light finish to a good meal.

We have never had a bad meal here, and I believe it provides a better value-for-money than many other restaurants that we have had the pleasure of dining at.