This vendor no longer exists!


See also: Ariana Kabab House
438 Preston. 25 seat Afgani/Indian Restaurant

Foods from Bombay Bollywood


2011 Dec 8
@NewUser 4362: The new Afghan place on Bank St near South Keys, in the plaza where the Independent grocery store is located, is called Ariana's kebab house. They are due to be open shortly after satisfying municipal safety requirements.

In my opinion, you will find the best Afghan food and the best mantu dumplings at Silk Road near St Laurent shopping mall.

2011 Dec 7
I feel like I have been waiting for this place to reopen forever!!!

I would like to gorge myself on the food from all the afghan vendors in Ottawa.

@Karen eats alot There are actually a few afghan restaurants still standing in Ottawa ...

Salang Kabob House - my absolute favorite place to eat, order mantu you won't be disappointed (on Carling)

International Cafe - I think they have an afghan chef, but I do not recommend it at all.

?????? - I don't know the name of this place, I'm not sure if its closed or just opening, but its afghan, its near Southkeys, in between an Independant and a Thrift store ... can someone tell me the name of it?

2011 Dec 7
It wasn't by any chance a notice to comply with municipal fire prevention requirements , was it?

Why yes, i AM a horrible person, why do you ask?

2011 Dec 7
The sign on the door was a very faded notice to comply from the city. I just looked at it quickly, but there was mention of the need for a building permit, so presumably, it's been there since the fire.

2011 Dec 7
I don't think they ever re-opened post-fire.

Preston street being Preston street i'm surprised it's taken this long to paper the windows and get on with something.

2011 Dec 6
The windows are papered up and there's a for lease sign out front. I think this place is officially gone. There's a sign on the door that I couldn't read as I drove by. I'll check it out tomorrow and report back.

2010 Apr 30
We tried to go here but it was closed, hen we heard there was a fire! My friend said that in fact it is not an Indian chef or owner but Afghani. Maybe she should re-open as an Afghanistani restaurant. That would be something new for Ottawa, and I would be forst to try it out!

2009 Dec 11
The owner, Miriam, is so friendly and inviting. She delivers personal service to each table! The restaurant seems to be marketed as Indian but there are many Afghani dishes as well and that is what they seem to specialize in. It was our first time eating Afghani food so I didn't know what to expect. Miriam made suggestions and they were all delicious. We had the Bolani as an appetizer which was amazing (but filling) and Palak Paneer (Indian) and Mantoo (Afghani) as mains. Big servings and so much flavour. I'd definitely recommend the Afghani dishes we tried if you are up for something new.

2009 Nov 28
Indian and Afgani in Little Italy. It's attached to another good restaurant Leonardo's and seats about twenty five. The owner/cook was so friendly and inviting. It was too funny she kept calling my wife sweety so cute. Started out with a Kingfisher beer then an order of vegetable pakoras,a deep fried chick pea flour dough ball with chopped potato and onion mixed in with a delighful homemade goat yougert and chili dip. The beef vidaloo was a bit tough I wondered why she tried to steer me away form that dish guess it's not that mainstream so not something kept simmering to tenderize it. The lamb curry was tender and above average. The nan was ok. Our vegetable dish was paneer with spinach a nice surprise because it was sweet to cut the heat of the vindaloo. Having not eaten Afgani food I can hardly wait to try her home cooked Afgani dishes next.