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Carleton University's student run pub. One of only a few eateries on the campus that is not run by Aramark. Serves several different types of beer and a variety of Indian food.

Free wifi for Carleton students/alumni.

Foods from Mike's Place

2010 Sep 30
Food is crappy. Beer selection is crappy. Service is crappy. Never going back!

2010 May 29
There is something in that sauce other then just yogurt and mint. It may simply be an acquired taste.

Either way, Mikes Place is definitely the place to go on campus. Excellent taste for a relatively low price with good atmosphere.

2010 May 28
The "white sauce with black flecks" in Jagash's post is yogurt and mint. I find it delicious.

I've gone to Mikes religiously for almost 6 years now. I absolutely love the atmosphere, although they have a tendency to play music too loud for conversation, which is definitively a downer for a place like this.

The beer priced competitively, not definitively not cheap, around 6$ a pint. Selection is decent but for those who work at Carleton, the location is just right.

2009 Nov 15
Cheapest place for good food on campus; I wholeheartedly recommend the chicken naan and the pakoras. Just beware the white sauce with black flecks in it. Don't know the name, but it is not appealing to most.

Beyond that, good beers and great atmosphere. Heck, even supporting grad students while you are at it.

2009 Nov 15
Definitely my prefered stop on campus, and there are times when it lives up to the other eateries in the area.

They have a good selection of beers, big names and microbreweries, as well as several types of roti, rice dishes, curries and naans. Overall, I'm happy with the price, the food and the atmosphere.