This vendor no longer exists!


They serve curries, samosas, sandwiches, mini pizzas, salads, muffins and assorted pastries to go. They also provide catering services.

Foods from The Emerald Bakery

2011 Aug 11
I stopped in here today and got takeout at the tail end of lunch service. I've never been here before and wanted to try a couple of things to see what there food is like.

I ordered: half order of butter chicken (served with rice), half order of curry chicken (rice), full order of chick pea curry (rice), a fried chicken samosa, a fried vegetable samosa, a fried tofu and spinach samosa, a brownie and some sort of stuffed naan with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms.

I love Indian food in general, but I rarely order butter chicken or chicken curry (ok ok , any meat curry) because I find the quality of the meat (or the trimming or it?) is usually VERY bad.

Emerald bakery however WOW every single piece of chicken was perfect! I think it was actually breast meat too, although hard to tell with all that sauce. All 3 curry were flavored beautifully, and I would not hesitate to order any of them again YUM! Spice level was moderate-low in my opinion although my boyfriend found them very hot.

The samosas were great with the exception of the tofu and spinach one, although that is probably a matter of personal taste. My favorite was the chicken samosa.

Have yet to sample to brownie and stuffed naan, too full!

All that food came to $37 with tax, and was honestly enough food to feed 3-4 people.

Service was friendly.

Wish I had bothered to try this place ages ago! I know I will be back weekly!

2009 Oct 16
I second the samosas!

2009 Oct 16
How has this vendor been bypassed? We often picked up their pastries and samosas at the farmer's market at Landsdowne, and I have to say, I was very much wowed by their work at Taste of Wellington. I will be back for more!

2009 Oct 16
I've been here a few times now, have had their lamb curry, chicken curry and butter chicken. All were tasty and reasonably priced (curry, rice & a canned drink for ~$8.75). Today I had their lamb curry, which had a mild kick to it, perfect on a cold Fall day. Lots of meat, very tender, almost falling apart. Reasonably sized portions as well for lunch.