Foods from House of Pizza


Oct 15
Yes, it is still open, but it moved from its prior location on Richmond near Woodroffe to Richmond just east of Kirkwood.

Oct 14
Does anyone know if this place is still open?

May 1
We ordered a pizza from here last night and were very pleased with it. Generous toppings, and a good crust, fairly light.

2009 Oct 10
I felt like pizza at 10pm one night, so I thought I'd see what a place that has 30 years experience had to offer.

I'm going to *assume* this is the Lebanese style of pizza I keep hearing people refer to in Ottawa, given that they:

a) advertised Lebanese food
b) appeared to be of Lebanese descent

I haven't a clue what this label really entails. However, I ordered a cheese and mushroom pizza.

The crust was fairly thick but fluffy, so it wasn't like lead in the stomach.

I quite liked the sauce- nice and tangy but not too spicy.

The topping was plentiful and had good flavor, over all a reasonable pizza. I was very impressed how quick the place was- ready to pick up in 10 minutes.

The staff were friendly and gave me a free 1 litre drink which apparently comes with any pizza.

The pizza wasn't AMAZING- like the kind you think about ordering again several days after eating. But you can definately better than average and the price is reasonable. Oh, and delivery is free for orders over $9.