Foods from Aroma Meze Lounge and Wine


2012 Dec 3
The evil brown paper is up. Looks like the shift to 'Santorini' didn't save it.

2012 Apr 15
This saddens me.

2012 Apr 10
aroma meze was definitely not a hipster hangout...

2012 Apr 10
mr. red ... more to the point, It's now Santorini Greek Family Restaurant.


Looks like they needed to tweak the style of restaurant here. It was a up-scale small plate (meze) with ultra trendy blue lit place for hipsters. IMHO this may have worked better on Elgin or the Byward Market were a more vibrant nightlife can be see.

Gone are the blue lights ..... and the word 'Family' in the name extends a welcome beyond the hipsters.

2012 Apr 9
This restaurant has changed name, now it's Santorini restaurant.

2011 Mar 25
Dinner tonight at Aroma Meze. Nice space with a good crowd and a happy energetic vibe. the servers were all very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable about the menu. It is a small-plates type of menu, and three of us shared 7 plates. First up were fried zucchini cakes with tzatziki. The flavour was good, but I found the coating was a bit soggy and the texture of the cakes was too gummy for my taste. Next up was the very nice ajika dip of sweet and hot peppers, served with warm spiced pita points. The shrimp gnocchi were outstanding. Perfectly cooked shrimp and gnocchi with cherry tomatoes in a creamy sambuca and fresh basil sauce. would definitely order this one again. The saganaki was also perfect, flamed tableside. The kataifi digby scallops were wrapped inside a nest of fried shredded dough. There were only two scallops on the plate, and they were small and sweet, but the serving size was quite tiny for the price. I enjoyed the mustard dipping sauce, but my dinner companions did not, and found it too sweet. When we cut the nests in half, the scallop was so small that only one person got scallop(lucky me) and the other got a nice chunk of empty dough nest. Next up was the crispy duck confit glazed with maple and lavender, which was small but moist and indeed perfectly crispy with a yummy glaze. The Loukaniko sausage was also a big hit with our party. slices of spicy sausage with oregano in a sweet orange glaze. The server suggested a blended Greek wine at $45 that was similar to Merlot that paired well with our dinner selections.

We very much enjoyed most of the food tonight, and the service was great. Given that the zucchini cakes were disappointing and the scallop plate was a ridiculously tiny portion for the price, I think the bill of $190 including the wine may be a bit on the pricey side.
There were so many other interesting things on the menu that we know we will be back again.

2009 Jul 7
Kangaroo?? How does it taste?

2009 Jun 19
My friend and I went to the new Wellington Location last night.

As soon as we were seated they brought us COLD water. I love it when restaurants do this without having to ask.

Our waitress was one of the best I have ever had. She was a wealth of knowledge and was very nice.
Since we could not decide between two wines she brought us a sample of each. Two thumbs up for any restaurant that does this.

We ordered the following

1. Tirokafteri Dip that had feta, cream cheese, lemon and peppers.
It was delicious and a great way to start our meal.

2. Eggplant Roulade which was stuffed with feta & spinach baked with tomato sauce.
Very tasty, but could use a little more flavour

3. Portuguese Cod Medallions which was cooked in a turmeric, white wine caper-berries butter lemon sauce
Not the best dish as it was a little tough

4. Vlaxika Patatakia: Yukon gold fries with melted Kefalotiri cheese and garlic-mint aioli
Overcooked fries, but dip was tasty

5. Saganaki Flaming Kefalotiri cheese
Pretty good but have had better

6. Spanakopita spinach and feta in phylo pastry.
Very good and flavourful

We enjoyed our experience and will go back and try other items on the menu. Service was not slow as per other reviewers.

2009 Jun 1
stopped into the new wellington location on friday after yoga class (near agave & wellington gastro put). the windows were open and music playing, but only 3-4 tables of people, so we went on in.

the wine list was not available, but they did have the house wines. the menu is the same as the other location and it is huge! very difficult to make decisions.

service was very slow. we ordered 3 dishes, the first two arrived around 20mins after arriving, the last 1 hour after arriving. we were ready to cancel at this point. we told our server this and she was very apologetic. it turns out the restaurant wasn't officially open and they were just doing a test run to see where the kinks were. we wished we had been told this right away, so we could have spent less time complaining to one another (and then to our server).

the food itself was great. the portion sizes were good. the chef had called in sick, so the owner was doing the cooking and he came out to talk with us and apologize again for the confusion over the slow delivery. a very charming man.

for the wine, it is a 5oz pour and $7 for house wines. i had the white pino grigio (no idea what brand, since we never saw a bottle). it was a little short of 5 ozs, which annoyed me, but i couldn't flag down our server to say anything. i am also not a fan of the fishbowl size glasses, they make the 5oz look like a mouthful. my companion had the cab sauv. and it was a full pour and better than the pino. (i go by the billy's best bottles school of wine appreciation, wonderful wines in everyday glasses)

food, i don't remember the names:
dip (spinach, garlic, roasted almonds) - it looked icky, bright green with one black olive that looked like a "dropping". thankfully it tasted good and came with lots of grilled flat bread.

spanikopita - four very small and very hot pieces. they were good, though took a while to cool to eating temperature.

greek poutine - fresh cut fries, cheese and mint garlic aoili. wonderful! we hadn't planned to order this, but did on a whim. it was great and a generous serving.

after we had complained about the delay, they comped the poutine and then brought out a free dessert. the dessert was shredded filo, with inhouse made honey syrup and nuts. similar to a bakalava.

they definitely had a lot of kinks. our water glasses were filled after every sip because it was slow. while this is attentive, it also became intrusive having our conversation constantly interrupted with 'let me pour you some more water'.

i really enjoyed the food and will definitely stop in again once they are offically open.