Carling Avenue at Cole, across from the giant Canadian Tire.

Foods from The Pizza Shop

2009 Sep 22
We order from here about once or twice a month, on Sundays, when we get together with friends for football and card playing.

The portions are a good size, the pizza is well cheesed, and the toppings are fresh. Never have I seen such good pepperoni, quality bacon, and fresh veggies on a chain store pizza. My only complaint is that the sauce could have more kick to it. But then again, you are catering to the lowest common denominator.

2010 Aug 26
Ordered from here for lunch today.

First off, I could barely understand the guy on the phone but I got my order through.

They delivered in about 30 minutes, not bad at all.

The food was delicious. I had a hankering for a sandwich and I was not disappointed.

The bacon was nice and crispy, the chicken was thick and moist.

The mayo was great and not too much that it was messy.

Lettuce and tomato were normal, nothing special.

Bread was warm and had a nice thickness to it. Toasted just right.

Overall the sandwich was really good.

A lot of fries in the box, I couldn't finish them (gave them to my sister) and I couldn't even get to the salad (she ate that too!)

She liked them.

I'll be ordering from them again.

Wish I had a camera to upload pics.