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2014 Nov 8
Stopped here for a burg and fries today. The meat patties in the burgs were very dry and salty. The fries wre also weirdly dry if that is the right word. Chocolate shake was average. They do have a very nice selection of toppings but that isn't enough to lure me back.

2013 Aug 12

Went here with a friend last weekend.
Burgers were very tasty and (maybe because they also sell chicken shawarma wraps?) they had a nice selection of toppings to choose from that reminded me of when we used to have a Licks in town.

The shakes were amazing, I got a chocolate & fruit and was pleased to get an amazing and very chocolaty-tasting shake - this is what I dislike about ESD and Works shakes and others of that ilk- their chocolate shakes are just not chocolatey, and I end up wondering what's the point.

I ordered a small fries before seeing the portion sizes and was grateful that my friend didn't order fries since it meant she could help me with mine. They were nice fries, but it's the burgers and shakes that would send me driving back out to eat there again.

Cash only, and indoor seating was minimal - we went and ate on the patio. The patio roof was glassed over so it would be fine in the rain as long as there wasn't too much wind.

2013 Jul 13
I'm surprised there aren't more fans of this hidden gem. I've driven by this place numerous times, and never gave it a second thought given its location and appearance.

I ordered the 5 oz char burger with cheese and a chocolate milkshake and hubby had the 7 oz burger with a milkshake. We split a small order of fries.

Easily the best burger in the area and worth the drive out. Nicely flavored and on fresh buns, toppings doled out like Harveys only I added pickled turnip to mine. The fries were crispy and seemed fresh cut. Not the best place in terms of ambiance, and there is limited indoor seating but this is not your average fast food - surpasses any offering from Five Guys.

Our meal, (which I couldn't finish) cost about $26. To put it in perspective, I ate at A&W with hubby last week and was appalled to see that our meal cost $22.

Do yourself a favour and take the drive out. Just make sure you bring cash, no debit or credit card here - their only flaw , since it is not clearly stated on their website. There is an ATM on the premises if you don't mind paying those crazy ATM fees.

2010 Jul 8
practicing golf @ burger & shakes + driving range out near manotick. hot summer day, golf buddies, ice cold drinks, dressed in hugo boss golf attire, bucket o' balls and clubs up the wazoo. and you've got something totally ALPHA, totally MANTASTIC.

with all the calories burned just driving each ball as far as you can, you gotta replenish your glycogen stores within an hour... and the super burger @ burger & shakes is really satisfying. home made all the way, home made beef patties, juicy, fresh and your choice of a ton of condiments. no artificial colors, flavors or fillers. SO UNDENIABLY EXCELLENT. and if you don't agree, you have a serious problem.

support the ma & pa cottage industry cuz they make you feel like family.

2010 Jul 8
like the oxymoron "sperm whale", this is a SMALL burger @ burger & shakes. how this l'il burger shack out in the furthest reaches of ottawa can defy the modus operandi of "location, location, location"???

is by having THE BEST possible home made product.

this ma & pa shop has been operating for years and year, open 7 days a week till late night. and people drive out of their way just to go here. expect lineups especially at lunch and dinner time.

2010 Apr 6
hambourgeouis @ B&S. succulent beef patties from local farmers and cooked with HOME MADE BBQ LOVIN'. anything else would be a disrespect to your body. love yourself for once and dig sum o' this bad boy goodness.

2010 Apr 6
poutine @ B&S. this is ottawa. don't rely on the country's most inefficient, overpriced, overpaid and love-to-go-postal public (OC) transpo and get yourself a car so you do a wicked drive by B&S for your solid poutine fix.

generous portions so you can pull up your pants and strut your mushroom top LOL. the big diff is the fries are crispier than most soggy alternatives.

2010 Apr 6
rings @ B&S. simplicity done RIGHT with quality ingredients and great taste that it is worth the drive to manotick. family run and friendly neighborhood service. no worries, the affluent suburban communities ensure this place is a success. once you go to B&S, you'll be 110% convinced to avoid most other mass produced fast food joints.

2009 Nov 30
I was out in the Manotick area this evening and decided to give this place a shot... ordered a mega cheeseburger or whatever it's called, they use locally sourced beef from O'Brien Farms. The patty itself was HUGE, very juicy, very fresh and tasty, seasoned lightly with some steak seasoning. I had my choice of toppings on a kaiser roll. I had a few sips of my partner's chocolate milkshake, which was delicious as well. The fries were excellent, freshly cut, didn't taste of funky old oil, would have made a great poutine. I would probably rate this in the top 3 best burgers in Ottawa. The owners were super friendly too, looks like a family run operation, I hope their business thrives due to the booming population out there!

2009 Oct 29
Best burgers in the ottawa area in my opinion. You can tell that you are eating pure ground beef with no fillers. All you taste is beef and that delicious "char" flavour from the grill. They are served on fresh chewy kaiser buns rather than commercial buns. The also serve chicken shawarmas now which also very good.