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Nakhon Thai Express
Nakhon Thai Express
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2014 Apr 20
This is the green curry...delicious!

2014 Apr 20
Had a great lunch here at the Kemptville location. Very fresh! Love when veggies are not overdone. Service is friendly and helpful.

2011 Aug 30
Looks like they've expanded SOUTH.. they opened a restaurant in KEMPTVILLE!!! OMG.. finally a Thai place in K-ville.

Food was great, particularly the soup!

2011 Feb 19
we had take-out tonight. it is a very cute spot and the food was made while i was waiting. the owner was very friendly.

we loved the curry, it was very simple with red & green peppers, tofu & peanuts. the sauce was the perfect mix of warm spicy and coconut.

i wasn't crazy about the pad thai. we had it vegetarian, which may have affected the flavour. it was ok with a strong tamarind flavour, but bland. i wouldn't bother ordering it again.

i will be back and stick with the curry. the prices are good. for 2 main dishes and an appetizer it was $28.

i'm glad to have it as an option in the neighbourhood and will frequent it over green papaya (i've had bad service there and find it pricey).

Edit to add: i was given a frequent buyer card. for each main meal you get a stamp, after 10 meals you get a free lunch. they are open on the weekends, so that is perfect.

2010 Jul 6
I don't usually spend the time giving reviews, but after frequenting this place weekly for 3 months, I felt I had to.
Great Thai food and not expensive like most Thai restaurants.