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2011 Sep 30
Went last night to the Kanata store and gave this place another chance. I have to admit - the first time I went it was their first week and was disappointed with their fish burrito.

At least they were consistant!

I had the Mucho Burrito XL Fish - Very sparse on the fish - in proportion to the ridiculously large overall wrap. Mine looked like a square when it was all done. Don't get me wrong - it filled my belly - but I had a hard time distinguishing my fish.

I got the chips and salsa as a side and although the tortillas were nice and warm - I only took one taste of the "fresh" salsa that came pre-sealed in a plastic cup to know I was not eating anymore.

My fellow diner went with the chicken nachos and had no idea it was being made with the same stuff you find at 7-11 next to their Big Bite hotdogs in a pump.

Considering the cost - the queso should have included real cheese - even velveeta would have worked!

However, the shredded chicken was good as a topping.

The service was friendly - but not enough to give it a third attempt. Too bad - I wanted to like it. Baja Fresh and Chipotle will have no competition if they decide to come to our fair city.

2011 Sep 28
Tried their new location today on Baseline. Sad to say the Kanata location for some reason is much better. It may be that it has only been open for a week but service was brutally slow. I tried the chicken Mucho XL burrito. Not a whole lot of chicken on mine and it was chunked not shredded. Funny since they have the beef and pork shredded. We did take out and tried chips and salsa. I cannot recommend the salsa. We tried the mild that was pretty flavorless with little or no lime,no cilantro and a few pieces of onion and needed salt. The hot salsa was hot but had a tomato paste flavor to it. A bit of a disappointment this location so much closer that the Kanata one. Oh Chipotle Grill please come to Ottawa!

2011 Sep 27
Had the medio fish burrito today. Overall, very tasty and satisfying. Rice, grilled peppers and onions, black and pinto beans, small fillet of tilapia, cilantro, salsa verde, cheese and sour cream.

I am jealous of the meat eaters who get quite a large scoop of meat on their burrito. The fish serving is just a small fillet. Half way through my burrito, I still hadn't had a taste of the fish so that was disappointing. When I did get to it, it was nicely seasoned and the fish flavour was also very good.

The assortment of hot sauces which are available self serve make every bite different.

At $9.03 including taxes is fair, but I'd expect a large serving of fish.

Yesterday, I had the vegetarian burrito with same toppings (except more of everything) and with the hot salsa (pretty spicy habanero salsa) instead of the salsa verde, and the price also includes guacamole. I felt more satisfied after this one than i did with the fish burrito. Although the fish is tasty, I'll probably choose the vegetarian burrito most times.

And i'll say it again, the "death by johnny" hot sauce is really hot, and pours out of the bottle fast, so be careful!

2011 Aug 27
Good to see that the quality of restaurant has stayed consistent since our last visit a while back. Had the Much XL carnitas with rice beans tomatilla salsa, burrito sauce jalapeņos cilantro corn salsa and guacamole for an extra 99 cents. Could have used a bit more pork for the giant size of tortilla but still tasty. My wife had the carnitas quesidilla you can partially see in the background. The pork has a nice flavor here no sweet with meat. Can't wait for the Mucho Burrito on Baseline to open for my quick pork fix. want to try their tacos next. Should have asked if they had hard shell tacos.

2010 Dec 6
I was pleased to find out that they had a 'fast-fresh' burrito place pretty near my home along the lines of Qdoba/Zteca or Chipotle back in the states. There were mucho burritos back in the states as well,

Their meat portions on the burrito probably totals about 75-125g, which is a bit tiny, in my experience, but the meat is very tasty and while the salsas are COMPLETELY gringo-safe, the addition of a few teaspoons of fresh cilantro and diced jalapeno can put it right over the top.

I'd say that the burritos are better than what Qdoba/Zteca or Chipotle had on offer, if a bit smaller and much more expensive. Also they lack some of the wider selections such the awesome mexican gumbo.

My wife had the quesadilla and was not impressed at all, especially for the price.

2010 Mar 30
when - last Friday
what - 10" fish and my wife had the 10" chicken
rating - 8/10
decor - very nice, clean and "hip"
service - very good, burrito guy explained everything well

conclusion - $19 for 2 small "sandwiches" and 2 cans of pop is pricey, but everything in the food biz is pricey, or is it just me? I think we are being lied to re: inflation etc., but thats another thread/website.
Overall it was okay, but didn't blow me away.
I/we will return to try something else when in the area.

2010 Feb 18
I've been to Mucho Burrito twice, and have been pretty happy with the experience. The food was really tasty both times, and I like that its a different option for fast food. My problem is that there isn't much variety. There are a fair number of menu items, but everything is made with the same ingredients/toppings, so they all seem to be somewhat similar. This is not really a big deal to me, since it's located in the Centrum where there are so many other restaurant choices.
Both times that I've been the service has been fast and friendly, although it wasn't busy either time. At first I thought the prices were really high, with a medium burrito with guacamole costing about the same as a whole meal at McD's. However, the burrito was easily as filling as a burger and fries, leaving the drink as the only thing missing. I agree that fountain drinks would be good.
Overall, with the good food, but limited variety and somewhat high prices, I think Mucho Burrito is a welcome addition to the fast food "scene", but not quite a favorite.

2010 Jan 31
I had a 10" whole wheat pork burrito, with guacamole and lots of "stuff" on it; my husband had a 12" white pork burrito; our daughter had a 10" whole wheat beef burrito. They were excellent!

The whole wheat tortillas were the best that I have had since my trip to Mexico where I lived with locals for a period of time.

The ingredients were FRESH and flavourful; our burritos were created and served with speed and care by extremely pleasant and helpful staff. The restaurant was quite busy when we were there, and we observed the same treatment of all the customers. Trays of ingredients were being replenished at the same time.

Next time we go back I will order the hot salsa, as the medium was lacking in heat. My burrito was quite mild, in spite of the jalapenos that I had added.

No more burger places for us! No more "roadhouses" or pizza places...hurray!

2009 Nov 13
Went for dinner after a hockey game and enjoyed my meal quite a bit. I had the vegetarian burrito (beans, rice, veg, salsa) which was filling and fresh tasting. It seems that they may have improved their food handling practices somewhat because each of the rice, bean and meat trays had it's own spoon. I didn't see them touch anyone's food with the salsa spoons while I was there either. We were there during a bit of a lull, so I didn't see them refilling the trays and can't comment on that. All in all, a filling quality meal at a very reasonable price, and I would happily go back again soon.

2009 Sep 26
We were looking to grab a quick family dinner that wasn't junk and Mucho Burritos looked promising. While in line I saw a number of food handling practices that were scary. Newly cooked food was dumped on top of older food in the steam table containers and then stirred in - the same spoon being used for everything. So just how old is the oldest piece of meat in the mix and when do the containers get cleaned? We don't have allergies nor are we vegetarians nor do we have faith based restrictions, but we do respect them and this one spoon for all clearly does not.
The food is OK but a bit pricy and definitely not worth the risk of eating at a place with such poor food handling practices.

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2014 Dec 15
I've been here a number of times and had mixed results. The food is ok with the right server, but it seems to be 50/50 chance you get rushed though the line and they are wrapping it and asking if its "for here or to go" before you have added anything.
Most of the time, they never mention the sauces and you end up with a bland tasting balloon that they call a burrito .
The chicken is quite plain, but the beef and pork is really tasty
They put the burrito on a press grill at the end, but it was only on for 15 seconds ! It was still cold inside when i sat down to eat it.

I find the Quesadilla is better than the burrito very good especially with the chopped green jalapenos.

I have been to the Merivale and Orleans locations and found the service was very rushed, but the train yards one has a better trained staff. They were the only ones to mention trying the burrito sauce.

I would recommend Burrito Gringo as a more pleasant experience with better servers and better food if your looking for fast Mexican food.