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2009 Aug 29
After a disappointing trip to Moe's in Orleans and being more then satisfied with Ahora I was hesitant about taking the trek out to Mucho Burrito.

Well, it was worth the trip! Big burrito with great taste!

Ahora is still my #1 but I love Mexican food so having a solid #2 is just as important.

2009 Aug 23
Dropped by for a quick lunch yesterday. I decided to go a bit smaller than my previous visit. Had the 10 inch burrito carnitas with guac medium tomatillo salsa and a side of veggie nachos. The nachos were not what I expected. They were $5.50 so a very small portion with diced onion,tomato,cheese and a side of salsa to pour on top. I woudn't order nachos here they were not the greatest. My burrito on the other hand was great as usual.

2009 Jul 25
I really love Mucho Burrito and i agree that it can become a huge franchise if they used their service staff more efficiently.

My main problem is:

EVERYTIME they prepare my burrito, the server always touches the laddle from the salsas to my burrito. I don't eat Pork & if they are doing it to my chicken burrito they must be doing it to the Pork & Beef Burritos too, which means cross contamination. I comment on it everytime and they always say they will stop doing it in the future.
I think putting the salsa in squeeze bottles would eliminate this problem as well as telling the employees to be cognizant of this issue. Certain religions are not allowed to eat foods that have been touched by certain meats.

On another note - last time I was there, the young server took the juices leftover sitting in a tray and added it to the chicken tray and beef tray. I did not think about it at the time, but as I ate my burrito it tasted a little different. I think it may have been the juice from the carnitas(pork) and he added it to the chicken and beef to make them less dry. I will be talking to the manager about that next time I am in there.

But I guess that is what you get when you have people under the age of 18 preparing your food.

2009 Jul 24
I have dropped by this place a couple of times based on the positive reviews on this site. I have been very happy with the food here (usually stick with the burrito) but I wonder if the owners/managers of this place realize the potential in this business, this place really does a chance to become extremely successful. For those that haven't been here it's basically Subway, if subway served tex-mex food. The food it quite good, exactly what a reasonable person would expect from this kind of place. The price per person is somewhat high, as a previous poster noted you probably aren't going to get out of here for less than $9-10 a person, but it will fill you up (although the amount of fillings you get (and in turn the messiness of the meal) does seem to depend on the person serving you)). I really don't have a problem with the prices but my real gripe is with the service. I understand that this is a new business and that the employees are, as a result, new hires, but the lack of efficiency here is almost inexcusable. The last time I was in here I waited (as did the seven people who lined up behind me) as the SIX people working behind the counter served ONE customer while two employees (who were clearly new hires and in my opinion therefore exempt from criticism) and someone who was clearly the acting manager (this would be the ninth employee working at the time) watched from the side. When nine employees are serving one customer, it's probably a good sign that you need to review your serving methods. (I feel the need to mention that the actual young people working here were very friendly and almost apologetic at their lack of experience/skill. There's no doubt in my mind that they were doing the best they good). I understand that new businesses need time to train employees but I have worked in similar jobs and quite frankly it's not rocket science. I can only hope that the owner of this place realizes the opportunity he/she has here and makes the effort to streamline the service here (all it requires is to observe the service at any Sharwarma place in the city). I'm not kidding when I say this place has the potential to be as succsessful as Subway or Quiznos in this country, all it requires is a little more effort.

Also, I have to agree with HHH that fountian drinks would be a nice touch. As well I am intersted in hearing from anyone who has had their tacos. Yay or nay?

2009 Jul 13
I brought a hungry amateur construction crew here for some much needed fuel this weekend. We all ended up with Mucho XL burritos of various meat types.

The Mucho XL is massive. 12", I think, and once stuffed must have weighed 2 pounds. The amount of meat and toppings were very generous and quite tasty.

MB should not be mistaken as a healthy alternative to the drive thru burger joint (our burritos weighed in well over 1000 calories), but it is nice to have a variety in taste.

The combo meals come with either cookies (soft and gooey), a small cinammon-butter-tortilla concoction (yum), or a bag of chips. The chips were a pleasant surprise, while not fresh or restaurant quality, they were passable tortilla chips, served warm, with salsa. The bag of chips was also enormous, easily enough as a side for 4.

I have 2 minor issues with MB. First, they don't offer fountain drinks... though I am probably the only person on the planet that prefers the taste of fountain pop over bottled products. Second, it is pretty pricey... maybe not on a $ / unit mass basis, but it would be hard to walk out the door spending less than $10 per head.

2009 Jul 13
Looking for a quick bite before seeing a movie, my boyfriend and I popped into Mucho Burrito. The guy working behind the counter was extremely helpful in making selections, as I did find all the choices and foreign menu a little daunting.
We ended up getting two 10 inch pork burritos (the pork is reminiscent of my all time favourite southern pulled pork, same texture, and not as flavourful). We loaded our burritos up with all the fixings, I opted for the "hot" salsa which was absolutely delicious, and I paid the extra .99 for guacamole. I also got the peppers and onions, which as Fresh Foodie mentioned, are just fried, however they are cooked fresh in small batches (we saw them making more) and really add a nice flavour to the burrito. I didn't find it at all messy as I peeled the wrapper back as I went. My boyfriend tried one of their bottled Mexican drink and it tasted like orange popsicle, syrupy and sweet. 2 small burritos and 2 drinks = $20, this was one of the best burritos I've tried thus far, not that I've tried many... all in all we'll be back!

2009 Jul 1
Visited here today. Found my new favorite fast food place. I hope one opens more centre soon. I'll still make the 20 minute drive to eat here. I had the Mucho Burrito with beef barbacoa,cheese, black beans, rice ,guac,tomatillo salsa and burrito sauce. It was scrumptious. It must have weighed two pounds. It was grilled so it stayed together pretty good. Everything was fresh. The tomatillo salsa was fairly hot and had a twist from the usual mexican recepe adding onions and not much garlic wish I could get their recipe it was really good. The guacamole was ok nothing special. My wife had the 12inch quesadilla with Pork Carnitas vegies cheese with a side of tomatilla and guac. The pork was yummy I think I will get the pork next time in a burrito. Hats off to Mucho Burrito for the best mexican in town. If I had the money I would get my own franchise.

2009 Jun 13
We visited here late Saturday afternoon after reading and were pleasantly pleased by the offerings. We split a large beef burrito and chicken nachos, and tried all of the salsas on the side. The hot salsa was good, as was the green salsa. The beef and chicken were nice and moist, and had great flavor. The nachos had that fake cheese sauce on them, so if you're not a fan of "movie theater" type "nachos", stay away.

Their in house hot sauces were quite yummy - Mr rdmsgirl loves to try different hot sauces, unfortunately they were not available for purchase as of yet (the owner was kind enough to offer us a free bottle on our next visit)

All in all, a pretty nice fast food place. I'd rather visit Ahora for their liquor license, and really hate the layout of the whole Kanata Centrum area, but if I was in the area again, I'd go back.

I thought I'd edit this to add - beware of the "Lone Star" smell that permeates your clothing after you eat here... I wish they had an outdoor eating area here.

2009 Jun 8
I picked up a burrito for lunch today and was pleasantly surprised because my expectations were quite low.

I went for the 12" (they offer 10", 12", and XL) whole wheat wrap with the pork (Carnitas). You have to pay 99 cents extra if you want guacamole inside. I'm too cheap for that, so I went with the free additions: beans (they offer brown or black), cheese, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, and burrito sauce (a southwestern style mayo-based sauced). I skipped the "veggies" because they appeared to be nothing more than stir-fried bell peppers and onions. The amount of toppings is fairly generous, but they use a lot of saucy rice as filler. The end result is quite tasty, and I did not find it messy to eat. I used the foil wrapper as a plate and ended up dropping two beans and about 5 grains of rice throughout my meal. It might have been chance though -- they seemed to have a bit of a problem giving a consistent portion to each customer.

The end result? A full tummy for $8.46 (tax in). Not a steal by any means, but an admirable attempt at home-cooked quality from what is basically a fast-food restaurant. Certainly a better choice than something like Quizno's.

2009 Jun 5
This comes from a diehard fan of Chipotle Mexican Grill (the American healthy Mexican fast food chain). I have been known to drive 4 hours from Ottawa to Toronto just to eat at the only Chipotle outlet in Canada.

Mucho Burrito seems suspiciously similar is style and format - including the font used in the menu.

That said, the food is just as good. In fact, Mucho Burrito does one better and offers whole wheat burritos. The veggi versions of the burritos are fresh and flavourful.

I didnt think the portion was too large.... Perhaps the veggi version gets a little less of each topping. I have a principle against having to buy bottled water at restaurants. Wish they would just give you water from a tap instead of making you buy a bottle! But that’s just me 

All in all, good addition to the Ottawa food scene.

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2014 Dec 15
I've been here a number of times and had mixed results. The food is ok with the right server, but it seems to be 50/50 chance you get rushed though the line and they are wrapping it and asking if its "for here or to go" before you have added anything.
Most of the time, they never mention the sauces and you end up with a bland tasting balloon that they call a burrito .
The chicken is quite plain, but the beef and pork is really tasty
They put the burrito on a press grill at the end, but it was only on for 15 seconds ! It was still cold inside when i sat down to eat it.

I find the Quesadilla is better than the burrito very good especially with the chopped green jalapenos.

I have been to the Merivale and Orleans locations and found the service was very rushed, but the train yards one has a better trained staff. They were the only ones to mention trying the burrito sauce.

I would recommend Burrito Gringo as a more pleasant experience with better servers and better food if your looking for fast Mexican food.