Brad Campeau runs the vegan bakery out of his truck on Rideau Street, and sells through retail vendors throughout the city.

Vegan Cookies at B. Goods
Foods from B. Goods

2011 Nov 26
Breaking NEWS: Starting Dec 2nd all you Cookie friends who asked for it can now get B. Goods #BakeAtHome frozen cookie dough. Check our blog for details

Brad Campeau
T: @bgoodsbakery

2010 Jan 1
I love these cookies! I get them at Herb and Spice. All the flavours are awesome.

2011 Oct 24
Thanks for sharing this, HFF. It's stories like this that cause my family to go out and eat at these places! Customer service is just as important as the food.

2011 Oct 24
Excellent cookies, fantastic vendor.

Brad has more than made up for my one poor cookie experience. He read my review of my terrible cookie bought at Lunch, and tonight dropped off 6 freshly baked cookies to my house. He went above and beyond anything I expected. This was especially welcome after my car broke down and I had a long walk home in the rain. Thank you B.Goods, and thank you Brad. You have a great product and I really appreciate the high level of customer service you provided.

2011 Oct 16
I just wanted to post a follow-up. Brad from b-goods got in touch with me and I believe it was a case of a vendor serving stale cookies and not a fault of b-goods. I have had b-goods cookies from herb & spice and they were fresh and tasty.

2011 Oct 6
Very unfortunate. I've had these from both Lunch locations, Herb & Spice and the organic place at Billings and never had that happen.

2011 Oct 6
I am putting my cookie review over here, since this is the vendor page for it.

I had the chocolate-chili cookie, bought from the vendor Lunch. I really like this cookie and have had it other places, but this time it was terrible.

The cookie was inedible. It was rock hard and thick. I couldn't bite down on it with my front teeth (too tough) and it wouldn't break into smaller pieces.

So disappointing.

2009 May 3
A variety of his delicious cookies at the Byward Fruit Market. So delicious and so moist!!!