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2011 Aug 31
I come here as often as I can during the work week. They recently served up some lobster chowder. Being short on cash, I only got myself a large size for lunch. If I had carried more cash on me, I would have purchased the take home option for $10.75! I highly recommend it, if you ever get a chance to find this treasure. Other favourites of mine are the New England clam chowder, Aztec chicken & avocado tortilla soup, Anna's Portuguese seafood, and Canadian pea soup. They always offer enough variety to appease all pallets and they change up their soups every day, so it's never boring.


2010 Nov 10
Amazing, I frequent Muffin Plus during the week.
The soups are amazing, and I'm partial to the seafood ones. Today had the 'Anna's Portuguese Seafood' tomato based with rice, zucchini, baby shrimp, calamari, celery, carrots, tomatoes, clams, it's just amazing!!
Salad was Greek with just a light dressing, tasty kalamata olives and fresh cucumbers and tomato.
Apple coleslaw with green apples, carrots, cabbage, red peppers and just enough dressing.
The service is friendly and quick, I am a picky eater and love this place! Highly recommend.

2009 Apr 21
I'll second this one. The soups here are extremely good - way beyond simple "soup of the day" lunch fare.

I was in on a quiet weekend and asked the owner about one of his ingredients and he gave me the whole story of the inspiration behind the soup and then invited me back for a tour of the tiny kitchen. He was proud to show off the fresh high-quality ingredients he uses.

2009 Apr 21
I should have done everyone a favour and added this vendor during the winter season. By far the best soup in the downtown core. There are a ridiculous amount of choices everyday with interesting varieties such as Thai Pumpkin & Squash, Ghana Chicken Peanut, and Beer & Cheese among others.

Like any other food court during the lunch hour it's incredibly busy. The Muffins Plus line moves at lightning speed and almost reminds me of the Soup Nazi. You definitely have to know what you're ordering, how/where to properly lineup and pay, and have CASH MONEY ready (no Interac/CC).

Try the Tomato Pesto!