Bakery that serves up breakfasts, lunches, cupcakes, cookies, turnovers, pies, cakes, etc.

Hours (as of June 2009):
Sunday/Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 8:30-4:30
Saturday: 9-3

Foods from Three Bakers and a Bike

2013 Jan 18
Unless they're on vacation it seems that they are closed, the phone book has been @ the front door for a week...

It would be a shame & it would be the 5th business closed in the area since December 1/12

Keeping my fingers crossed!

2013 Jan 18
Does anyone know if this business is still open? My friend is trying to use her Groupon from here and hasn't been able to get in touch. Phone calls go to a full voice mail, so she can't leave a message. Neither of us lives near-by, so we can't just do a quick drive-by to check.


2009 Jun 30
We ordered my birthday cake (for the family celebration) from here. Everyone else likes the Cake Shop, but well...everyone knows how I feel about them.

As I mentioned below, their hours are a bit odd. I called on Tuesday morning for a Wednesday cake, and they said it wouldn't be a problem. I wanted to confirm that the vanilla cake did in fact have buttercream icing, to which the woman I spoke with retorted "well of course, it wouldn't be icing were it not buttercream". I stifled my laughter.

Anyway, the cake was really delicious, and the icing was really good (though it did taste more oily than my homemade buttercream).

I adore their (cup)cakes, and that's about the only reason I put up with the attitude that seems to come with them.

2009 Jun 20
This vendor hasn't been approved, so I can't request an edit to its description.

But I would like to note their hours--since they're a bit funny:

Sunday/Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 8:30-4:30
Saturday: 9-3

(From a personal perspective, I showed up today at 4, hoping to order a cake for my birthday, and they were closed, meaning that I'll have to call Tuesday morning...which is exactly why I see merit in posting the hours here.)

2009 Mar 20
I've been here for lunch and for coffee a few times. The BLT sandwich is really generous and under $5, on their own fresh baked bread. Soups & chili are equally comforting, they are definitely 'from scratch', at least the ones I've had. It's nothing fancy, but good, comforting, quick and affordable food. The friendly service is also a bonus!

The only downside is the icing contains shortening, which I'm not a major fan of, but that's just a personal preference since I'm not a huge fan of copious icing anyway.



2010 Jun 1
on saturday my husband picked up 3 cupcakes from three bakers as a surprise. there was chocolate, a coffee flavour (with chocolate covered coffee bean on top) and vanilla. the price was a lot cheaper - less than a dollar each.

positive - the icing was much better than i have had previously from them. i did not have that greasy, oily film in my mouth afterwards.

mildly negative - the cake was small - i'm actually ok with that given the lower price - the issue was it was too light, too fluffy. there were some air pockets. frankly it tasted from a mix. i am also ok with cupcakes from a mix, as long as you know that is what you are getting. the chocolate and coffee definitely had that synthetic light as air texture. the vanilla was slightly denser and heavier.

given the lower price, i would stop in here again if i am in the neighbourhood and want a small treat to go with my bridgehead coffee.

2009 Apr 16
For a long time, I thought that these were the best cupcakes in the city. And frankly, the cake itself is some of the best I've had. The lemon cake is moist and sweet with a good tang to it--sadly though, it's not available in cupcake size.

The last few times we went, we found that the cupcakes were good, but--as Chimichimi mentioned--the icing contains shorterning, which in my mind isn't quite as good as buttercream.

I've also found that the service has gotten considerably worse over the past year and a half (since we first went there), and it's no longer worth the hassle.

2011 Nov 27
Went in here for the first time this weekend. Cute place,it was really busy. It took a very long time to get one date square, I think the lady ahead of me had a big breakfast order. I noticed that she had 5 coffees to-go and there was no take out container for them so they were in a wobbly cake box. Disaster waiting to happen!
Anyway, date square was pretty good, but not the best I've ever had.The dates were not cut up in small enough pieces,or not cooked long enough. Some like it this way better, I prefer the filling to be more smooth. I'd like to go back and try their breakfast someday!