This vendor no longer exists!


641 Somerset West (near Bronson)
613-321-3669 closed Mondays
Specializing in Northern Chinese food, including Sichuan (Szechwan)
Grilled foods in evening
Spicy soups
Salt & pepper pork and seafood
Broad selection of dishes not found in Cantonese restaurants
Takeout available

ju xiang yuan
Foods from ju xiang yuan


2016 Mar 1
It looks like ju xiang yuan is now closed. The windows are papered up and there is a sign in the window saying "restaurant space for lease".

2014 Feb 6
I forgot to post a few months back when I went and noticed that they have new menus. I was there last night and figured I'd post. No more thick binders. The offerings are still extensive but not as much of a novelette as before.

We ate BBQ squid, BBQ squid fingers, BBQ chicken hearts and an order of Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce with a side of plain rice. Everything tasted wonderful and I am already craving it again.

Did a web search and I think this may be their current menu (or at least the take out portion)

2013 Apr 30
Ju Xiang Yuan is open again! Whatever renovations they did must have been behind the scenes, because the restaurant looks exactly as it did before, falling-apart red binder menus and all.

2013 Feb 18
If anyone finds out IF/when they are re-opening please post any/all information here. Thanks. *sigh* I did drop by for Chinese New Year was disappointed. Was looking forward to having my birthday meal there and wasn't able to. *sigh* I have a wicked craving for a few of their dishes especially the BBQ squid.

2013 Feb 11
They had a kitchen fire over the weekend:

2012 Mar 17

2012 Mar 17
Hi hipfunkyfur ....

I'm afraid I just posed another link to another place before reading your comment here. I *did* in that case say just a few more words but in future I will certainly give a bit more of a detailed intro...

And yes, I do only get to Ottawa occasionally but I will be visiting next week and have a big list of places I want to try :)


2012 Mar 17
Sybaritica - As a courtesy, instead of directing people to your blog, can you post a shorter version of your review and then offer a link if anyone is interested in more details? The thumbs down are because you just put the blog link and nothing else.

To be fair, Sybaritica probably didn't realize how it was done and from his blog it sounds like he only makes it into the city a few times a year (he lives up north).

2012 Mar 16
I gave this restaurant 4 stars ....

Please see my full review at:

2012 Feb 16
Newest review from Anne Desbrisay:

It's funny because the "cold plate of poached chicken in peanut sauce" that she did not enjoy is one of my favourite dishes at the restaurant. As well, pig intestines stir-fried with chilies is a dish I constantly dream about (I'll admit, it's not for everyone!)

I'm not one in favour of the new renovations though - call me picky, but I prefer a bustling Chinese restaurant to feel warm and well, bustling. The new renos make it feel cold, stark and uncomfortable. Not that it will stop me from stopping by though!

Unfortunately, when I DID stop by yesterday, they were closed unexpectedly due to equipment malfunction - hopefully they will be up and running again before long!