Chef Carlton's Island Spiced Hot Sauces is new to the Ottawa area. Our company offers a variety of hot sauces from firey hot to very mild. If you like spicy food we offer something to spice up your palette.

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2010 Oct 24
i recently opened my free bottle of hot sauce (won at the Preston Farmer's Market). i am a fan of hot sauce, but like depth of flavour in addition to heat. i found this more of a traditional hot sauce - very hot, with little underlying flavour. perfect if that is what you want, i can see that this won't alter the flavour of your dish, just spice it up.

i am not a fan of tabasco sauce (too vinegry), so i will use this sauce in place of that.

for my general use, i still prefer Chamomile Desjardins's sauces for their combination of heat and flavour.

EDIT: just want to also add, the pour on this is not good. instead of a small hole to dash it onto your food, it just pours out. so be careful when pouring, it comes out fast.