This vendor no longer exists!


This burger place is located at The Trainyards in the south. It opened sometime in Dec/Jan. You need to eat here once to understand the service.
To order food, you need to walk to a counter that has paper bags and pencils, and check off the things you want.
Then bring this bag to the counter/cashier and they will process your order.
You have the choice of taking out, or sitting down. The dining area has a few booths that can hold about 8-10 people, as well as your typical 2-4 seat tables. There are four tv screens that seem to be set on sports. It can seat about 80 people(?) Not too sure.

Foods from Fulton Burger Market Company.


2011 Jan 8
This place has been closed for several months.

2010 Apr 18

This restaurant boasts that they have "by far the tastiest and juiciest hamburger around" and I went to check it out for myself just after they opened in early 2009. My first impression was that this was a calm and trendy fast-food burger bar. The ambiance was comfortable, the place was clean and the decor was minimalist and spacious.

I wasn't quite sure of the ordering process. I looked at the menu on the wall and placed my order at the counter. The person who took my order translated it to check marks on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. As I was sitting eating my lunch, I noticed other diners filling in their own sheet at a counter below the menu.

There was plenty of seating and three kinds to tempt your toosh: stool, booths and stand-alone tables with chairs. The dark red walls and exposed brick sort of gave this place a sophisticated Soho feel.

As for the food... Burgers are available in 1/3 or 1/2 pound sizes and they also offer chicken burgers, hot dogs and sausages. Combos are available with a choice of fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, salads or coleslaw and a fountain drink.

My husband enjoyed the 1/2 pound Hell's Kitchen Burger combo with fries and a root beer. The burger was dressed with Cajun spices, jalapenos, goat cheese and guacamole.

I enjoyed the 1/3 pound Fulton Market Signature Burger combo (+ guacamole) with sweet potato fries and a coke. The burger was dressed with smoked cheddar cheese, bacon, pickle slaw and the Fulton Signature Sauce.

I found the prices a little high. The bill came out to $24 for the two of us. The 1/2 pound Hell's Kitchen Burger was $7.95 and the 1/3 pound Fulton Market Signature Burger was $7.45 + .50 for the guacamole. Added onto this was the $1.99 each to make it a combo, and added onto this was an extra charge to make my fries sweet potato fries.

The burgers were good and filling. I couldn't even finish my fries. The meat was juicy and tasted homemade (even though comments I've indicate otherwise). The buns were moist, flavourful and fresh. I would skip on the extra guacamole as an added topping - there wasn't much and I didn't taste it.

I received regular fries instead of sweet potato fries with my order, but they quickly went to get me some sweet potato fries and apologized for the mix up. My husband and I found that both types of fries could have been salted a little.

This place is very new and my take on the visit is that they are still ironing out logistics and processes. The service was good but didn't flow naturally yet. When placing the order, the girl hesitated alot and seemed unsure of herself. I had to ask what the next step was after we ordered. Did we sit and they brought the food to us or did we wait at the counter? They didn't invite us to do either and they had written our names on the 8.5x11 sheet. It was a little confusing.

I didn't get the reason behind the 8.5x11 sheet. Other fast food places have receipts that are printed automatically. The 8.5x11 sheet isn't very "green". Again, maybe this is a process in the works...

Still prefer the Works though. Well, actually I prefer to make gourmet burgers myself.

There is tons of free parking.

2009 Dec 22
I've been there twice now, ordering custom burgers each time and highly recommend their current special offering of "cheddar onion twigs", which is just full of greasy, cheesy onion-y goodness.

I give Fulton Burger an endorsement of .75 thumbs up and the seal of mediocrity, which is better than it sounds.

They essentially occupy a cost/quality position somewhere between The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro and your basic regular fast food burger joints.

Given what I've paid, I've been satisfied with food and service I've received, and I'd certainly recommend it to people looking for something better than regular fast food burgers, but it's certainly not a place you'd take a date unless you were in high school.

2009 Apr 7
I also just tried Fulton Burger and was disappointed. From the style of the place I thought the burgers would be made fresh but they are not. It was quite pricey considering the quality of food.

2009 Apr 7
I went here for a quick burger tonight while at the trainyards, and good god was the food ever awful. I had a burger with fried dusted onions, blue cheese, and a peppercorn sauce, and the thing was clearly some premade and frozen shitty patty from Sysco or one of those other mass suppliers. The bun was still cold, my fries were old and soggy and completely unsalted, and my girlfriend's burger was essentially just as bad.

You would get a much better burger by going to Harvey's, much less any other place ever that sells burgers.

How the heck does a burger joint that sells almost nothing other than burgers not make their own burgers in house?!?!?

2009 Jan 24
When my gf and I ate here Jan 2, we were greeted by the staff, because since they just opened up, they assume people don't know how to order. It felt odd, but kind of fun checking off what type of burger I wanted (chicken, beef or vegeterian) and all the fixings. If I remember correctly, I had the half pound prime burger with roasted red peppers, smoked chedder and sweet potato fries. My gf had a veggie burger. We sat down and waited for our order, which appears on a screen. The burger was good, but nothing to celebrate. We were offered free refills on our drinks. Since there was a storm, we were the only ones there, so it was a nice quiet atmosphere. We will probably go back and try a different combination, but I would prefer to go to The Works for really "unique" toppings. Our bill came to $20.77.