Foods from L'Oven

2009 Jan 8
I saw these on TV and gave them a try. The cupcakes are DELICIOUS!! I can't wait to try more.


2009 Jun 30
L'Oven is now offering their amazing cupcakes at Credible Edibles and Thanks A Latte! I just had their vegan Just Beet It cupcakes (chocolate with beets and chocolate-avocado icing).. AMAZING!

You dont' taste the beets, it's just so incredibly moist and rich, and the icing tastes like ganache, but without the cream!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it....

2009 Feb 26
I just ordered two dozen minis for a party, they're so moist, delicious, and flavourful! I LOVE L'Oven!

2009 Jan 8
They don't have a store. You have to e-mail for a menu

It's worth it. The menu is incredible!