Teriyaki Experience is a fast food restaurant in many malls and a restaurant on Elgin street. They offer various teriyaki dishes with different meats and sauces and bases (i.e. noodles, rice). The average price for a teriyaki meal and drink is about $10.

Foods from Teriyaki Experience


2009 Oct 10
The food I ordered(spicy Udon noodle soup) was very good, but the little spoons they gave me made it very frustrating to actually eat the soup, come on now plastic spoons are cheap, can't you at least give me a decent spoon, especially after giving me a pretty decent soup(for mall food).

2008 Nov 14
I absolutley loove teriyaki eperience. They offer a nice option at a mall food court, when fine dining nearly always incldes a deep-fried item.

Teriyaki eperience has reasonably priced consistently good dishes, made right in front of you, and fast too, so there is rarley a line. They also sell their signature teriyaki sauce.

A teriyaki dish has bean sprouts, broccoli, rice or yakisoba (a thick and delicious noodle) and the meat of your choice, (chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu). They also have a variety of sauces, teriyaki, spicy, ginger garlic, an orangey one. All delicious, and add a welcome change so that each time you order it's different.

The restaurnt on elgin has clssic clean decor in red and black.

All in all I have one word for teriyaki experience: YUM!