Dining room open for weekday buffet lunch only.

Foods from Ishina


2012 Nov 1
Carling at Broadview location now closed.

Like the last reviewer, I didn't like Ishina's food at this location either.

2011 May 27
Lunch at Bells Corners local is splendid. But I would bet my mortgage the lunch at their new location on Carling is all leftovers...and not the good kind. Ate half of it and threw the rest out.

2011 Apr 3
Second location officially opened last week: 1808 Carling Avenue (at Broadview)

Open at dinnertime! Closed Sunday.

Info derived from twitter.com/epicuriadotca via twitter.com/Cestboncooking

2010 Sep 21
I understand from the website that their dining room is only open for lunch (11:30am-2:00pm) on weekdays, but can anyone tell me if their takeout service is available outside those hours? One would expect that takeout business would be more brisk in the evenings!

2008 Nov 12
So this place is out of the way in the back part of Bells Corners in an industrial strip mall. (near the Loeb). While I was waiting for the trailing edge to open (its kitty corner to it) I eyed it with interest. Since I had my lunch already I had no plans to eat there. I popped in and they had a buffet setup. Only one table (Tuesday, Remembrance Day) taken. I ordered a couple of veggie samosa's figuring that was at least some kind of measuring stick. The flavor was pretty good but they were a bit oily. Given that's my only sample/comment I don't know if its much to go on, but I wouldn't mind heading back to try the buffet some time.