The head baker is from Paris.

Foods from Maison Baguettes

2013 May 9
Drove past Maison Baguettes on my way to my hairdresser and stopped by and purchased a couple of non traditional Baguettes. A whole wheat one and a raisin one.

Both are too dense and not crunching on the crust and fluffy light inside. It felt more as if someone mixed regular whole wheat and raisin bread dough and shaped some into baguettes. A hour or so after I had some baguettes at le Cordon Bleu and they are miles ahead with crunchy crust and fluffy inside full of airy holes. Normally in bread you don't want that much air bubbles but I think Baguettes are an exception to the rule.

At 10:30am, the baguettes were still warm from the oven. A shame it was not in the true baguette style.

Think I will give this a pass in the future since even the ACE baguettes are better and they are far closer to me in Loblaws.

2011 Jun 22
Maison Baguettes is now in a small house-like shop in Vanier.

I recently bought 3 coupons for there on a deal site $5 for $10 of items.
I like trying new bakeries, so thought I might like this place.

First visit had a breakfast sandwich and the girl microwaved the croissant. kind of ruined my sandwich and made it a bit soggy. still edible,but did not make me want to order another one anytime.

Went back today (june 21) to use another coupon.
forgot to mention, last time bought some baked beans and they were very good, finished the whole container.

This time bought some baked beans, got home to try them and they had a off bitter taste- like something sitting there too long.
I also had these in a cooler so they were not at the wrong temp being taken home.

Bought a sugar pie, that was ok.
Almond croissant was ok, had a lot of icing on the top though.
Also got a corn bread for $1.29 hope it is good.

Their address is now 381 montreal road.
I doubt I will ever get baked beans there again.

I've had bakedbeans from 2 other places and they were great. The Lansdowne farmers market and Foolish Chicken. will rebuy those for sure.

Not sure I will continue to go to Maison Baguette.
personally I like the croissants at Golden Baguette on bank st better (and that is close for me too).

Sucks that I will have to throw out my $4 container of beans :(

2009 Aug 28
Fair enough! I've resurrected the vendor and will wait until someone reminds me or confirms that it's gone at some later date.

2009 Aug 27
Fresh Foodie - I see you've already DELETED this Vendor (based on the Ottawa Citizen's report no doubt)... BUT, thinking shouldn't we at least await until he is officially gone? I mean any little bit now in the week to come will be helpful... as I am sure the poor guy is up to his eyeballs in debt.

Just saying... the food biz is hard enough... to bury this Vendor before it is truly dead & gone, just isn't right in my eyes.

2009 Aug 27
Damn...another one bites the dust. Well, I will just say, I would rather have fine fresh bread than roads. But I guess that's just a personal preference!

2009 Aug 27
Agreed. I will try to make it there asap before the final days.

2009 Aug 27
News like this tears me apart. Those who contribute to Ottawa's pursuit of excellent food deserve to stay in business!

2009 Aug 27
According to the Citizen, this place is closing its doors in a week or so. I gather the construction on Bank Street is to blame:

2008 Nov 3
The Croissants are the main reason for going here, but they do have a wide variety of baked goods. The Baguettes is also very good, but everything else tends to be a bit on the sweet side. The North American sweats (cookies, bars, etc) are also very poor compared to other vendors. Stick to the French baked goods.