"Serving Fresh Meats Since 1978"

Barrhaven's primary Butcher. Besides cuts of meats and fresh deli (whole roasts of meat), they also have a wide assortment of items they make on the premises such as Sausages, Meat Pies, Meatballs, Chicken Kiev, California Roasts etc.

The store also stocks a few other items including Bread, Dinner Rolls, Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Condiments.

PLEASE NOTE - The Store is CLOSED Mondays

Heritage Plaza
(Corner of Jockvale & Cedarview)
1 Jockvale Road, Barrhaven, ON
K2J 4J9

(613) 825-6393

Foods from Pete and Gus Meat Market

2008 Oct 27
"The Man" has been shopping at Pete & Gus' since he first moved to Barrhaven back in the 1980s. They are a family run friendly Butcher Shop that offer quality products at reasonable prices.

Prior to the Maple Leaf Listeria incident (and consequential hysteria) I bought my meat primarily at Loblaws, and only visited Pete & Gus for the occasional Sunday Roast or great Steaks for the the BBQ. But, since the Maple Leaf incident, and all the other news lately concerning meat safety, we have found ourselves shopping here more and more. I guess we both just started to become more aware of where our meat products were coming from... and the idea of getting away from mass produced seems like the right way to go.

Service here is friendly and personal, it reminds me of my childhood, when my parents used to shop at their local Butchers vs the Grocery Store.


2009 May 16
Roast Beef and Turkey Breast...
Pete makes the best store made Roast Beef and Turkey - there are no preservative added which makes Pete`s deli meat a healthy choice - in addition this, Pete`s turkey and roast beef are the best I have ever tasted.


2009 May 16
...Absolutely the best steak that I have ever eaten!
I am not much of a meat eater so when I do have steak, I want it to be the best. Pete and Gus sells the most tender and tasty beef tenderloin in the city.
I buy all of my beef, chicken, pork and deli meat (many are cooked in the store) at Pete and Gus. They serve only the best quality with great pricing, friendly service, and even bake fresh bread & buns daily. Pete and Gus always smells of fresh baked bread or roast beef cooking in the oven. In addition to all this, Pete and Gus is always clean.

2009 May 14
We have bought plenty of things from Pete and Gus over the last couple of years with great success, but had never tried their steaks.

A couple of weeks ago, we bought New York strip steaks at Pete and Gus' for a BBQ we were hosting. At $11.99/lb. you would hope for a great steak, but we were less than impressed. These steaks were not very flavorful, and although cooked to only medium-rare, a bit tough. One thing I found odd is that the highest grade of beef that Pete and Gus stock is Canada AA.

Although we are eager to support this local business, we will not be buying steaks there in the future. Considering we can buy Canada AAA steaks at Costco which we have never had a complaint about for a cheaper price, I think that is the alternative we will continue with.

2008 Oct 27
"The Man" has been buying Steaks for the BBQ from Pete & Gus since the 1980s. He used to buy from them primarily when hosting a Summer BBQ and having Guests over... the rest of the time, purchasing his steaks from Loblaws.

This Summer however, all that changed. He began to find that the Steaks at Loblaws were much more tougher than they had been in the past... and it didn't seem to matter whether he bought from the self-serve area or directly from the Loblaws Butcher... he just wasn't satisfied with the quality he was receiving. Add to that, our latest interest in buying local vs mass produced, and it was only natural that we both ended up at Pete & Gus'.

The steaks here are not really any more expensive than the Grocery Store, but the quality is a lot better. Not a tough steak in the bunch. Sure the location is a little more out of the way (a stripmall at Jockvale & Cedarview), but the friendly and personal service has made up for the minor inconvenience.

And as an added BONUS with every steak bought the customer gets a FREE tin foil wrapped baking potato ready for the BBQ also.


2009 May 16
Honey Garlic and Barrhavenfest Sausages are my favorite!
...not greasy and very tasty!

2008 Oct 27

Although they were very yummy, we did not find them to be as "hot" as ones we normally buy from the the Loblaws Butcher counter.

We will probably give them another chance (just incase we got a batch that just happened to be less spicey than usual).


2009 May 16
A great main course for anyone - easy to cook, tastes great and very afforable. We usually get at least two meals from one California Roast...and it makes great chicken salad when you have leftovers.

2008 Oct 27
Pete & Gus make great California Roasts. They are all pretty the same size (just under 2 Kgs). But if you are a couple, or a small family they will gladly cut it in two for you... though you still have to buy the whole roast.

The half-roasts work out pretty good for us, gives us a perfect amount for a nice Sunday Dinner together, and a wee bit of leftovers that are perfect for sandwiches the next day.

The one thing I would suggest however, is that if you do get them to cut a roast in half for you, request that they add a bit more butcher twine to hold the smaller roasts together.

The California Roasts are very tasty, and easy to cook, just pop it in a 350 F oven for 90 minutes (about 60 minutes if you are doing a half-roast). A nice change from the standard Roast Beef, Pork or Whole Chicken.