Foods from Centrepointe Cafe & Deli


2010 Apr 5
Centrepointe Café and Deli makes really good panini-style sandwiches made with pita bread. The outside of the pita is a little crispy and the inside is still tender. As always, char marks make everything more enjoyable!

I had the Turkey Lover Delight sandwich and what really gave the sandwich an edge was the tabouleh in it. Yum!

They have a whole whack of sandwich fillings to choose from and I was told by the owners that the TLD is their most popular.

The prices are similar to other sandwich-sub shops. I got a drink and a sandwich for about $7.

The deli is located near a few office buildings so it's a busy place at lunch.

The service is great. The deli's run by twins and they are really nice, friendly and quick. The eatery really has a community feel.