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Soupçon overlooks the Gatineau River on Wakefield’s main Riverside Drive. Along with a creative dining-in menu, Chef Tanya Skeates provides daily take-out selections, carries a line of salad dressings and sauces to go, and offers catering, private dinner parties and regular cooking classes.

Foods from soupçon


2010 Sep 27
Without commenting on the food, I'd like to offer an answer to the question posed by the previous commenter - Yes, it's absolutely fair to review a restaurant when the chef isn't present. If an establishment serves food it's fair to comment on that food. If this site was a Chef review site your question would be valid, but that isn't the case.

2010 Sep 26
Tanya was not working tonight.

Is it fair to review a restaurant when the Chef is not in attendance? I think not. So, if you plan to go to this restaurant, phone ahead (there are limited tables) and ask if Tanya is working, if the answer is 'No...', don't go.

The food we had tonight was textbook, but so is my cooking when I follow the recipe. There was neither any heart in the preparation, nor much understanding displayed of how ingredients should fuse together in a dish.

The spring rolls were good (not exceptional). The kale pekora worked. The Singapore Noodles were less than desirable and the special Lamb Ramen was... I'm not sure how to put it.

Perhaps a more gifted cook can figure out what went wrong with such an 'appetizing on paper dish'... The ingredients were broth, braised lamb, ramen noodles, tofu puffs, and some greens. The lamb was delicious and perfectly cooked but the broth was flat and tasteless. It's as if the lamb fat overwhelmed the broth?

Anyways, I'm going to stick to my cookbook and save the gas if I crave fusion thai in the future. It's just as good without the pretentious service.