Maximilian Dining Lounge has been an institution in Perth since 1973, serving traditional homemade European Cuisine. Featured in Where to Eat in Canada for 22 years. (compiled from Maximilian's ad in the Yellow Pages)

99 Gore Street East
Perth, Ontario K7H 171
(613) 267-2536

Monday to Friday Lunch 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
7 Days a Week Dinner 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Schnitzel at Maximilian Dining Lounge
Foods from Maximilian Dining Lounge

2008 Sep 18
Maximilian’s is housed in a restored 1840s heritage building in Perth, with thick stone walls, deep set multi-paned windows, wood plank floors and rustic charm. We received a friendly greeting at the door, and were seated at a table in the main Dining Room… the restaurant seems to have several areas for seating, including a private room for parties and such, as well as a patio looking out on a park and The Tay River, perfect for warm summertime afternoons or evenings.

Our server was friendly and efficient. The restaurant although nicely appointed, is really quite informal, and the menu is printed on the paper placemats. Although Maximilian’s advertises themselves as a full European Cuisine restaurant, there is no hiding the fact that their specialty is Wiener Schnitzel… with it taking prominence on the menu served in various formats.

I chose the Jager-Schnitzel while “The Man” opted for the Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin. All meals begin with a German Salad comprised of chopped Tomato, Cucumber, Celery and Onion in an Oil & Vinegar Dressing. While we were eating our salad, we took the opportunity to look over the Wine List. Maximilan’s has a decent wine list, with some up-and-coming wines listed, reflecting no doubt the affluent retirees and cottage owners in the area. “The Man” ordered a bottle of “Misterio” an Oak Aged Malbec from the Mendoza Valley of Argentina that we have taken a liking to of late. This is a smooth full bodied wine, that stood up well against the heavier fare associated with Eastern European cooking.

Schnitzel is HUGE at Maximilian’s, both in its popularity and in its portion. The lightly breaded veal cutlet literally covers the entire dinner plate, and every type of Schnitzel comes with the same sides, Creamy Potatoes (which are tucked under the schnitzel) and Veggies. The veggies of the day on this particular Sunday evening were lettuce and tomato, not what I expected, but they were very tasty no doubt having come out of a local garden earlier that weekend (or perhaps purchased from an area farmer at the Perth Farmers’ Market which happens every Saturday May to October at the Crystal Palace, which is in the park directly behind the restaurant). My Jager-Schnitzel featured the required Mushroom Sauce, and although it was very good, the portion seemed small to me. I would have much preferred enough sauce to smother the entire schnitzel… like Gramma used to do.

“The Man” loved his Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin, it came with Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Root Vegetables. I stole a taste, and his meal was delicious, so I think there is much more worth exploring here than just the house favourite schnitzel.

As we had been out of town for the weekend, and not in a great rush to get back to life in the city, we decided to linger over Coffee and Dessert. “The Man” and I shared an order of Apple Strudel with Ice Cream. The strudel was delicious, but it was baked as an individual portion, so to me it seemed more like an apple pie than strudel in its presentation, but that was more a personal thing.

Overall a good meal, and a great find in Perth. The food wasn’t exactly like Gramma’s, but it was close enough to remind me of days gone by. I have added this spot to my list of places out-of-town worth a stop… perhaps I now have but another excuse to get out to the Perth Farmers’ Market during the Summer months.

2015 Oct 10
My parents brought me here for dinner after a day hiking and visiting Westport. I'd been wanting to check it out and they appreciate a good schnitzel!

Service is friendly and humorous in that uniquely stern yet warm East European way. We were going to share some side salads to start, but our server told us that the schnitzels come with a salad. This turned out to be a simple yet strangely delicious bowl of chopped celery and tomato dressed with what I could swear was just white vinegar, sugar, and salt. A basket of sliced rye arrived but it was quite dry, even after spreading it with the supplied butter... this was really the only low point of the meal and since it was complimentary I can't complain too loudly. :)

They have a few Beau's beers on tap and I was more than happy to enjoy a glass of Festivale.

The schnitzels truly are massive and I opted to have spätzle with mine. Both the schnitzel and the spätzle were excellent! My parents each had a half-size "senior schnitzel" with buttered potatoes, which was about the size you'd normally expect at a schnitzel restaurant. They also shared a side of red cabbage.. perfectly braised and seasoned.

Note that contrary to what the name Wiener Schnitzel might suggest, these schnitzels are made with pork instead of the traditional veal. Not a problem for me!

We had no room for dessert. Looking forward to going back one day.

2008 Sep 18
Wiener Schnitzel is the house specialty at Maximilian's, with it taking prominence on the menu served in various formats.

Schnitzel is HUGE at Maximilian’s, both in its popularity and in its portion. The lightly breaded veal cutlet literally covers the entire dinner plate, and every type of Schnitzel Dinner comes with German Salad beforehand, and two sides of Creamy Potatoes and Veggies.