Linda Bartlett began making beautiful cakes 10 years ago as part of her master's degree in sculpture. For the past five years she and her partner Amy Forrest, who has a degree in industrial design, have been selling cakes out of their home in Dunrobin. With no storefront, Bartlett relies on word of mouth and her stall at the Carp Market Saturdays. (from the Ottawa Citizen - August 2, 2008)

the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
Cupcakes at the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
Foods from the girl with the most cake

2010 Aug 7
The little cakes are now up to $13 at the Carp Farmers' Market. We tried a beautiful lemon cake and found it to be of excellent quality, much like a good pound-cake style lemon loaf. Very, very sweet though, so if you like your lemon to have a bit of a tang you might be disappointed. It was so sweet that I would not be able to eat more than 1/4 of the tiny cake. We're now curious to try the other flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and carrot.

Anyway, these are certainly the prettiest cakes available in Ottawa, and ranking among the best for flavour. Priced for special occasions only (although as I said to my wife, until they stop selling out by 11am on Saturday the price is not too high).

2010 Mar 26
We loved everything about our cake from "The Girls". It was beautiful and delicious, and matched our black and white damask (with red roses) theme perfectly. We had a four layer cake for 50 people; the bottom was chocolate, then working up we had vanilla, lemon, and chocolate again, all iced in vanilla buttercream. The lemon was killer.

We had LOTS of leftovers; but that's because we fed the hell out of our guests (the 6 course wedding menu at the Courtyard, with late night poutine bar). If I were to do it again, I would order a cake half the size. But then again, I have cake in my freezer for anniversaries, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

2009 Sep 29
Two months later, I forgot to review our wedding cake.

It was incredible. The girls, Linda and Amy, were super helpful in designing the cake to our specs and the tasting went really, really well. They let us try 2 mini cakes, like the ones Mmmmj described, both of which were decorated and looked divine in their own right.

The pickup went off without a hitch, and the cake itself was incredible.

I have never had such delicious, perfect cake, in my life. We ended up eating our top layer the next morning, we couldn't hold off.

Also, her kitchen is like something out of Martha Stewart (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).

ETA: Apparently I was so excited by posting this that I forgot, completely, the mention the flavours.

The bottom layer was lemon, which might have been some of the best cake I have ever taste. Then there was chocolate. Then vanilla. Then another layer of lemon, which is what we had for breakfast in our hotel room the next morning.

What really impressed me was the frosting: it was all buttercream, all the time! No word of a lie. The buttercream flowers were insane (I let our little guests, all three or four of them, take the flowers off and eat them plain). Seriously the best cake experience I've had in Canada.

2009 Jul 4
This morning I decided to drive down to the Carp Market. I was determined to try one of these mini cakes that feed two.

I bought the vanilla bean. As soon as I got home I put it in the fridge. I love my cake cold rather than at room temperature. Is that weird?

I thought about the little treat all day.

Then finally after dinner, I decided to eat a small piece and let me tell you...

Way better than I thought. The icing was really tasty and not overly sweet. I am not a fan of fondant so I am glad they use buttercream.

Initially I thought $12 was too much but it is a nice treat and it is not something I will be buying every day/week.

I would consider buying a larger cake for a family occasion like my mother's 65th coming up next year!

2009 Jun 12
A couple of months back I ran into the girl with the most cake at a charity fundraiser, and as I had read all the Reviews on OF, I was intrigued by her offerings. As luck would have it, she was selling primarily her mini cake cupcakes (feeds 2).

Although these mini-cakes were much more expensive than cupcakes I have purchased elsewhere (think it was like $ 12) I was curious to taste the cake based on all the positive feedback on OF, plus the artistic side of these creations was hard to resist. First choice I had to make was the cake flavour (Dark Belgian Chocolate, Vanilla or Carrot). As I was buying with an approaching birthday in mind, I chose the Carrot… although not a “manly” looking cupcake, with its green and yellow icing it spoke to me of approaching spring.

“The girl” hearing that I was thinking of an upcoming birthday (although I could have easily scoffed down the whole thing myself that very afternoon with a big old mug of tea) she offered a printed page of instructions on how to freeze my little cake.

The mini-cake was then promptly wrapped up in a specially designed container, so that none of the icing would be damaged and I was on my way. Once home I followed the instruction sheet, and popped the mini-cake into the freezer to await “The Man’s” big day.

On that day (about a month later), I merely followed the defrosting instructions, placing the cake on a plate and went about my business. Later that night after dinner… the cake was revealed complete with candle, and “The Man” was quite amused by the mini-cake’s decorative and artistic presentation. We cut it in two, and enjoyed each and every morsel of carrot cake goodness… not a crumb was spared. We both remarked that the butter cream icing was perfect in its execution and the taste was sweet but not overpowering… what icing should be.

Overall a good experience, and I would definitely purchase again, and would consider ordering a specialty (larger) cake in the future for another family occasion.

2009 Jan 10
My significant other and I visited Linda today for our cake tasting, and I must say that I have been nothing but super impressed so far. MedicineJar is right, they are not cheap, but they are also not like anything else that I have come across. We tasted both the lemon and chocolate cakes and we were very impressed with their professional attitude and our first meeting. The cake we tasted was not a piece out of a larger cake, but rather a minicake, serving two, which was nice because it meant we were able to see how it looked as a tier!

I will most certainly post a second review of our wedding cake, rather just than just our experience in tasting.

2008 Sep 24
We got our cake from the Girl with the Most Cake. The cake looked awesome and tasted great! Beautiful icing made with butter cream - not fondant!

Its certainly not cheap but its worth the money in my opinion. We were very, very pleased with the cake she made us.

We have also bought her mini-cakes at the Carp Market in the past and they were great!


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2009 Jun 12
Cupcakes are basically available in two sizes, individual or as “mini-cakes” which will feed two. Mini-cakes are just that small sized cakes (they don’t really resemble a cupcake). They come in the same flavours as the larger specialty cakes… so a great way to try out something that one might want to order later on a larger scale.

The decoration is breathtaking (even on this small an item)… I still can’t figure out how they do that. And the cake is moist and delicious while the icing is perfectly executed butter cream… sweet and smooth without being overpowering.

Mini-cakes come in specially designed containers to protect them in transit, they can also be popped directly into the freezer so that the mini-cake can be enjoyed at a later date (they provide written instructions on how to freeze & thaw).

I would definitely purchase again.