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Owned and operated by Christophe Marineau-Mes, Champignon Le Coprin has been supplying local area Chefs since 2006 with some of the finest and most exotic mushrooms available. The farm produces a ton and a half of exotic varieties each month. In addition a variety of Canadian wild mushrooms are picked during the summer months. (from The Ottawa Citizen - August 7, 2008).

Champignon Le Coprin products are currently available for retail sale at:
Ottawa Farmer's Market (Lansdowne Park), Bryson Foods (Shawville), Byward Fruit Market, Emile Peloquin Fruits et Legumes biologiques (Aylmer), Le Boite a grains (Hull), Rainbow Foods, and The Wheatberry

Foods from Champignon Le Coprin (Farrellton)

2009 Jul 2
We picked up some Cinnamon Cap mushrooms from them at Lansdowne on Sunday. We stored them in a paper bag in a corner of the kitchen for dinner on Monday but when we pulled them out at cooking time, the stems were furry so we tossed them :(

I guess these are the kinds of things you eat as soon as you get home.

2009 Jul 2
I picked up some King Oyster (Eryngii) mushrooms from this vendor at the Farmers Market at Lansdowne Park. The guy working the booth was very helpful and suggested I try these - they were new to me. I sliced them and fried them in some butter with sliced garlic scapes - They were the best mushrooms I have ever tasted - bar none. Appearance and texture was almost like scallops. I will happily track these down again.