This vendor no longer exists!


Located between lululemon & Mountain Equipment Co-op

"Come visit our charming European style candy boutique in the heart of Westboro Village. We carry a wide range of sweets, sours, gummies, gumballs, licorice, the finest chocolates, buttery caramels and so much more! We have hand chosen confectionery products from around the world, there is sure to be something to please everyone!"

The Candy Store
The Candy Store
Foods from The Candy Store

2010 Jun 16
The cupcakes at the Candy Store come courtesy of The Cupcake Lounge (

2010 Jun 15
On Saturday night I nabbed one of the last Chocolate Marshmallow Ganache cupcakes during WestFest and had a mouth-gasm... what an amazing cupcake! My experience with other cupcake places, here in Ottawa and elsewhere, has been so-so - they typically look and sound far better than they taste. This was different though- I should have got a pic! - very high cocoa content for a baked good, which worked because it was also extremely moist. The ganach covered a 1-inch thick layer of marshmallow fluff, so that when I bit into the cupcake the marshmallow oozed over the top. Delightful! Does anyone know - are their cupcakes (which I noticed change every week) made in-house or do they get them somewhere else?

2010 Jan 11
babygirl, i'm as high as a kite!!! all the sugar laden goodies and wildest flavors to spike your dishes and deserts in one roof! nice specialty chocolates and vintage brand candies.

oh and super nice staff to boot.

2010 Jan 11
remember a time when you were a kid in a candy store? remember exactly how that felt. the world is your oyster. transport yourself back to when you were so carefree and still too young to remember...

just pop by and have a look at some of the goodies at 350 richmond road...

2009 Jun 10
Just a logistical note, Ottawa Cupcakery has gone out of business and therefore their cupcakes are no longer available at the Candy Store. There's a letter on the door of the candy store explaining this, but it basically sounds like the women running the Cupcakery were also working full time jobs alongside their hobby and have decided to return to baking on demand (via etsy, special orders, etc).

2009 Jun 9
They are selling Candy Store candy in a newsstand behind the Starbucks on Preston. You have to go inside the (officey-looking) building, or through Starbucks to see it.

I was so tempted to buy everything in there...

2009 May 18
In the past, I've never really been impressed by this place. But, went in a couple of days ago and was happy to find they had chocolate covered gummy bears. Haven't seen these in Ottawa in quite a while as Sugar Mountain stopped carrying them. Theirs were also quite "fresh" which is probably odd to say. Also, their selection of salt water taffy is quite impressive. Will probably return for CCGBs. Truffle Treasures also has them but they're quite expensive.

2009 May 16
Yes sorry I meant I had moved to Parkdale / Wellington ! Not the store :)

2009 May 15
I had a candy bar and chocolate fountain at my wedding last summer and it was a hit with both young and old. Relating to Golden Turtles comment on Truffle Treasure's and Louise's Belgian... you most certainly can avoid these two places... both overrated and overpriced.

2009 May 15
Nanook: They are a touch on the pricier side (I believe around $500, depending upon the number of guests and amount of service), but they do provide a full service candy bar.

We're planning on ordering a tonne of malt balls from the Candy Store for our wedding; we're having a sundae bar in lieu of dessert.



2008 Oct 25
They have some interesting bars from around the world - you know the kind where they tell which plantation the cocoa beans come from.

They also have old school cadbury too.