This vendor no longer exists!


357 Preston

Foods from Caffe Nostra


2009 Aug 4
this place is closed due to fire.

2008 Jun 5
This new little homestyle, warm but upscale restaurant opened up about 3-4 months ago across from my condo. I decided to check it out because, 1) the owners are my neighbours, and 2) because I don't like the Heart and Crown.

Style: Italian (generic).
Food: Good, but not great. My fiancee and I have gone here about 3-4 times, and the food has always beeen good, but not overwhelming. The fettucine Nostra is quite tasty, especially with what I think is a hint of rosemary. 3/5
Drink: The wine list is quite nice. I don't drink too much but the house red is decent. It's fullbodied and nice and dry. It goes with the pastas and steaks that I've had.
Service: Friendly to amazing. 4.5/5
Price: Not too bad, around 13 for pasta and 25 for a main. 3.5/5
Ambience/decor: Quite nice actually... really warm and inviting.
Sound: Pretty quiet. Seems to quiet for a family friendly restaurant.
Overall: 3.5-4/5
Recommendation: Go there. It's quite serviceable.

My goal is to try every restaurant on Preston and give my rating and then move on to Ottawa. I grew up with Italian godparents who ran a restaurant and worked around Italian food my whole life, so I think I have a decent handle on Italian food. I'm newish to this site, have been lurking for a while now, but want to start contributing more. Anyway... that's it for now.