North American Pizza chain with stores throughout USA and Canada.

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2008 May 29
"The Man" was out doing errands, and was getting hungry when he saw an ad for Little Caesars newest menu item their $ 5 HOT-N-READY Large Pizza. He popped in, and discovered that for that price there were only two choices: Cheese, or Pepperoni. The meat-eater that he is decided he was more in mood for an Ultimate Supreme. A large Supreme (10 slices) is dressed with - Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions and Cheese & Tomatoe Sauce. Of course there was an addtional charge (pizza came in around $ 8), but he left sure that he had a bargain!

IMO he should have kept his money in his wallet!

I haven't ate multi-national "chain" pizza in years, and what I remember about Little Caesars was just average. Boy have they changed...

First off in order to advertise HOT-N-READY they pre-make pizzas and stick them under heat lamps during rush hour periods. The toppings were awful... nothing had any freshness left in it, and was super spicy (sausage?). But lastly the crust was horrendous... it was hard to tell whether I was eating the pizza crust or the cardboard box it came in!

Sometimes a bargain, is not a bargain... you just get what you pay for (the worst pizza I ever remember). It ended up in the trash.