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Two more from Domus. Seasonal cusine, cozy, clean and friendly.

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Beer-battered Haddock at Fraser Café
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2010 Jul 27
Did lunch with a friend at Fraser Cafe today and very pleased. Arrived early and were seated near window. We opted for the open faced schnitzel sandwich with carmelized onion....requested green salad over the potato salad....the slaw was crisp and tasty. Server was very helpful and might add; patient, as we had many questions.We will continue to visit here...a wonderful experience!

2010 Apr 8

Ok, so that was my reaction on the first bite. Why did it take me so long to come here?!

My friend Teresa has been for lunch quite often and raves about every single visit. It's also been on my wish list. So bringing our friend Gina for her birthday was a no-brainer.

We ordered a bottle of the Peter Zemmer “La Lot” Pinot Grigio 2008 to sip on while we tried to decide what to order. I kept bouncing back and forth between the Beetroot Salad with cottage cheese, pecans, wild rice, bacon, and the House Made Pork Rillette. And that was just for my app! The mains threw an even larger wrench in the decision-making, with tempting plates like Sea Scallops with balsamic beets, fennel and truffle oil or the Roasted Duck with pearl barley mushroom risotto and goat cheese.

And then our server Joel described the Kitchen's Choice app and main. Basically it's like playing roulette except you're sure to win every time. The kitchen makes a random dish of their choice. If a few of you order this at your table, everyone could end up with a completely different dish. I dove right in. So much easier than having to decide!

The results did not disappoint. My appetizer was a savoury house pie of oxtail and duck confit. The flavours were to-die-for. A light pie crust, not too filling but having soaked up the jus it sat in just made it that much more decadent. And the thin layer of melted cheese that occasionally ribboned out onto my fork was the perfect topper. I can't properly describe my affection for this dish but I'm sure the shiny white plate I sent back explained it all.

Teresa and Gina both ordered the Miso Baked BC Salmon with noodles and tempura vegetables. They loved every bite. And I had major food envy for the few seconds before my plate arrived.

My next surprise was a BBQ cornish game hen, cooked juicy and to perfection. Poultry is not something I normally order when I'm out but this golden beauty was amazing. And just when I thought my dish couldn't get any better, I bit into the deep fried cornbread topped with house slaw – a heavenly concoction that made me tremble with excitement – I just wished there had been more. And finally the potato gratin, still on the same plate, reminded me of being a kid and when my mom used to make it. Except this one was the more mature variation, the one I would eat today.

This is definitely a spot I could see being a regular. The food is delicious and the service magnificent – not once did we have to fill our glass. And the atmosphere is one that makes you want to stick around and linger, soft lighting and just casual and comfortable. Apps range from $9 to $13 and mains from $24 to $26.

2010 Mar 21
We had a late morning appointment out in the east end last week, a good excuse to drop by the Fraser Cafe for lunch. This was our first time at the new digs - it certainly seems to be a good fit for them.

We got off to a rocky start when they couldn't find any trace of the reservation we'd phoned in a few hours earlier, but fortunately, they weren't quite full yet. Service was a bit slow off the mark as they coped with an influx of patrons, but just fine thereafter. Fish is always a good test for a kitchen (besides which, I love it), so I opted for the arctic char (I think the fish selection changes frequently, if not daily). It was terrific - a good size, perfectly cooking, resting on a nicely seasoned bed of lentils, and accompanied by a nicely dressed mound of greens. My wife was happy with her meal too - a nice thick lentil soup, jazzed up with smoked ham hock, with a grilled goat cheese sandwich and greens on the side.

The wine list is interesting, and fairly priced (but don't go by the list on their website, as it's way out of date). The food prices are significantly lower than you'd pay for comparable quality in many other parts of town, especially the Market. At lunchtime, the mains are in the low to mid-teen $ range.

I'd like to pack this place up and move it to my neighborhood, but I don't think we'll be seeing a restaurant of this caliber in Britannia anytime soon!

2010 Mar 20
Why ... why ... WHY?!?? Why has it taken so long to find such an AMAZING RESTAURANT in Ottawa.

Went to lunch with colleagues one day and met them at this funky little bistro on Springfield. As someone else has said, the menu is short and sweet - not 8 pages laminated in plastic. First time had the pork schnitzel and would have licked the plate clean if I was allowed.

Next time I went with colleagues again and ordered the steak from the lunch menu and I am happy to say, that it was the BEST STEAK I have EVER had in Ottawa. Cooked PERFECTLY, sliced across the grain and absolutely melted in your mouth.

BRAVI! The Fraser brothers and their wonderful staff are (hopefully) going to change the way we dine here in Ottawa!

2010 Feb 25
My husband and I have a terrible habit of eating at go-to places when we're in a pinch, but decided to stop going to Murray Street for once and actually try brunch at another restaurant in the city. Given his work hours on weekends, it can be difficult to grab a morning bite, but we managed to make the time one morning and trekked off to the Fraser Café for a long overdue meal.

Space: The space was much bigger than I expected, but was still cramped and bustling! I did notice that there was a very light and airy portion of the dining room to the side of the bar that I couldn't see very well, but it seemed suited for larger tables. In terms of a brunch crowd, it was about as loud and busy as any other place I've been...no problems in my book.

Service: We were seated at the bar, which was casual and gave us a good shot of the action in the kitchen and on the TV (which was, of course, playing the Food network). Our server was actually the gent behind the bar, and he did a great job. Our smoothies were taking an awful long time and the poor guy kept looking back and going back to check on them, when he wasn't apologizing to us for the delay. There was no problem with water refills or plate service whatsoever - the whole service aspect was very casual and fit the atmosphere.

A funny thing happened towards the end of our meal; a couple had been seated at the bar and a waitress came up and started apologizing profusely to them, wide-eyed, saying she had seated them in the wrong place...she asked them to move to the corner, which they obliged, and she seated another couple in their place. Given the way she was fawning over the couple and the fact that the gentleman of the party had a notebook, I presume they were People of Importance. I get it, but it left a bit of an off taste in my mouth regardless of who they were -- if he was a reviewer, or even a special regular, it seemed weird to me that they would make this other party move when they were in the middle of their meal. Strange.

Menu: The menu was short and sweet, the way I like it. There were two drinks (one alcoholic, one non-), and a variety of plates to choose from, all very brunch-y. It was a one page, one sided menu, which is nice on weekends because no one likes to think too much before noon. :)

Food: We both started with the smoothie, which, as I mentioned, took a while but was tasty when it arrived. As a former smoothie master myself (managing a smoothie bar for 3 years), I can say it was well made even by my standards, which are hard to meet. It was orange-juice based and not too heavy, but lasted through about half of our meal.

I had the yogurt pancakes, which were light and tangy and accompanied by some delicious compote (apple) and whipped cream. I do love me some pancakes. My husband had the eggs benny, and they were equally as tasty, although he kept sneaking bites of my pancakes...the meal was light and flavourful and we left satisfied without being too full.

Overall: Fraser Café lived up to its expectations and we will certainly visit again, perhaps for something a bit more substantial than brunch in order to round out our experience.

2010 Jan 31
Made my first visit here on friday with my husband, and after getting turned away from wild wing and the works, we were lucky fraser was able to fit us in at the bar. I found the food to be quite good, but the portions were surprisingly huge! After having a few oysters, there was no way I could get through my whole kitchen choice main (striped bass with a curry soup and pear chutney). It was pretty good overall, I will definitely go back!

2010 Jan 26
Have now been to Fraser Cafe for brunch and for dinner.

Brunch was awesome, one of the best "nice" brunches I've ever had. Pefectly cooked eggs, delish homemade sausage, potatoes, veges, all layered beautifully and artfully arranged. Had some bananna bread as well that was really good.

Dinner this past weekend was mixed, unfortunately. We shared some oysters to start which were fine, nothing spectacular. I went for the kitchen choice ap and kitench choice main. At Fraser Cafe, kitchen choice means something the kitchen creates on the fly. Several people at the table can order kitchen choice and they may all get something different. My ap was arctic char on a bed veges and some other seafood in a tasty broth. The other aps looked good too. It was the mains that really didn't deliver. The way to sum it up is that there were just too many competing flavours on the plate and it seemed like they were trying too hard. Everything was OK just not great. My kitchn choice main was pork tenderloin with horseradish, lots of veges and other stuff. There was just too much going on. My friends all expressed similar concerns with the beef and other dishes they ordered.

2009 Dec 18
Made my long-overdue first visit here for lunch. My sis drove in from Carleton Place so I took the precaution of stopping in to make a reservation. Good thing I did, it was packed.

Sis had the steak and fries with a glass of Pinot Noir. I had the fish cakes with lentils and a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Oh..my..god. Everything on the plate was good, but I'm willing to trade my firstborn for the recipe for the lentils. My sis really enjoyed her meal too, she actually chose that dish because she saw our server bring one to another table and it looked really good.

Dessert, now.... I am going to go out on a limb with lavish praise here. I rarely order dessert when I eat out, and on the few occasions that I have, I didn't like it.

The server asked us if we wanted to split a dessert....we looked her straight in the eye and told her no, we were going to be splitting two desserts.

We had the house made doughnuts, with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, and a brownie with chocolate ice cream. Soooo good! We were pretty full from lunch, but we were troopers and finished them both. Definitely won't be my last visit.

2009 Oct 10
They did move and enlarge... 64 seats now.

7 Springfield right at the corner off Beechwood...Fresh Green Awning.

They are busier and better than ever. Make a reservation or be disappointed.

2009 Sep 6
I was alarmed when I drove down Beechwood and saw the Fraser Cafe closed up- so I checked out their website-

They appear to be relocating next to the Second Cup on Beechwood.

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2010 Dec 11
We had a fantastic brunch here this weekend on our first visit. The food was super fresh, well portioned and spiced to perfection.

I had Eggs Benedict which turned out to be the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had. Definitely worth the few extra dollars compared to a more traditional breakfast place. The addition of a fresh tomato to the Eggs Benedict rounded out the dish perfectly. The home fries were astounding, with a few different flavours (dill, cheese, tomato and something sweet which I couldn't figure out). The fresh green salad was also a nice touch.

My girlfriend had the Huevos Rancheros which was also delicious, although not quite as awesome as my dish. All ingredients were fresh and prepared well.

It is a bit pricier than your typical greasy spoon brunch place but the quality and flavour make it more than worth it.

2010 May 15
Disappointing, really. I wanted to like it and I wanted for my husband to like it. I enjoyed it, but I wasn't amazed by it. My husband didn't say much through the meal, but for all the wrong reasons.

We asked about the donughts as a dessert, and the waitress suggested ordering the meal sized portion to split. We did this, but considered spliting another dish so that a) we wouldn't be too full and b) brunch would come in under $50.

We split the Scrambled Eggs, which I wasn't impressed with.

The donughts were really quite tasty, but I think that had as much to do with the freshness as anything else. The maple syrup was a nice touch, but the caramel apple compote was too sweet and it was served cold resulting in this weird hot/cold donught.

I'll be back for lunch, but the brunch left me underwhelmed.

2010 Feb 19
A lot has been said about this place so I will keep it short. I was thrilled with my experience at Fraser cafe this past weekend, the service was pleasant and attentive (even with an energetic one year old at the table!), the atmosphere at the new location was warm and the food was great as usual.

I also had the burger and I totally second nickfoodies comments, in addition, I will add that even the bun is made fresh in house (being totally blown away after finishing I had to know all about it and the server was happy to inform me that absolutely everything was made in house, two big thumbs up!) My only comment would be that the fries could have been salted a bit more, but other than that a really great meal.

For Dessert we tried the doughnuts and ice cream as well as the lemon cake and both arrived piping hot, a nice treat on a cold winter morning!

2010 Feb 18
Excellent bacon cheeseburger on the Brunch menu. Delicious, perfectly fried double-smoked bacon and pretty aged cheddar, with a sweet mayo sauce, garnished with tomato and greens. Great fries too, fresh, thick cut. Nice salad with a variety of greens. At $13 a great deal, very filling. Washed down with a pint of Beau's and I'm a happy man.

This is my favourite burger in town




2008 Jun 16
This is what my partner ordered. It was served with their house sausage, potatoes, and mushrooms with worcestershire sauce. Details to follow with my dish, the same but with scrambled eggs...



2010 May 15
I get that it has become popular to make creamy scrambled eggs (largely on account of Mr. Gordon Ramsay), but why did my eggs taste like cream?

These eggs didn't taste egg-like at all. While I was pleased that for an extra $2, they let us share the eggs, but added extra food to the plate (we each got a sausage patty and a tomato), it was too complicated a compostion to actually enjoy.

As foodlover's photo shows, the scrambled eggs are more like a decontructed omlette. The sausage was drearily dry, although well flavoured. With our plate came a sauce, which the waitress said was comprised of chow-chow and tomatoes. It would have been good on ribs, but it made everything taste like French salad dressing.

The thing is, if you don't like tomatoes, you're out of luck, because the sauce is on everything; it's like they plated it on top of the sauce. Even if you do, it's overpowering.

This was far too complicated an execution of what could have been a really good standard brunch.

2008 Jun 16
Here is my DELICIOUS breakfast...scrambled eggs with cheese curds, potatoes, mushrooms in worcestershire sauce, and the amazing house sausage. At first I thought it was a small order and that I'd leave hungry but it was properly portioned, leaving me feel full and not stuffed. Every little thing was flavoured to perfection. The house sausage was so fresh and flavourful, we both couldn't stop talking about it all day....and we RARELY eat meat. The fried egg breakfast my partner ordered was exactly the same as mine so of course, equally as delish. I almost wish there was more selection to choose from so that next time I could try something else! I'll save next time for dinner instead :)

2008 Jul 16
I just had dinner at Fraser Cafe and it was on par with my dinner I had at Jean-Georges in New York City!!

I had a wild sockeye salmon app with bacon, chanterelles, potato, young watercress and a cucumber dressing. Between our dishes one of the chefs sent over a small taste of foie gras which was perfectly cooked and host to some wonderful flavours, with the 'jam' and pickeld apples and beets. For my main I chose the scallops with seasonal veg and the most delicious parsnip puree I've ever eaten. It was all of the best things about parsnip and absolutely silken. The cherry tomatoes were a sweet addition to the plate as well as the crispy polenta 'croquette'
For dessert I had the chilled vanilla rice pudding with chocolate mousse, crispy slivers of coconut and pineapple. Plump, homey vanilla pudding, spiked with chunks of prime pineapple delivered a knockout punch

Our server, Laura, was so sweet and sincere. She was never too rushed,completely professional and completed my first of MANY dining experiences to come at Fraser Cafe.


2009 Jun 5
A notch or two above fish 'n chips, and it tasted as good as it looked!