Kochu serves both Japanese Sushi and Korean fare such as bibimbap and kimbap. Kochu mainly focuses on take-out orders, but some seating is available.

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2017 Sep 8
I can't comment on any of their Korean dishes as I haven't tried any, but I have been twice and have not been disappointed with their sushi or service. Their salmon avocado roll is delicious, I'd definitely recommend this spot if you're craving sushi but don't want to pay $40 with tip for all you can eat. Bonus points having "tilapia" on the menu instead of falsely calling it "snapper" like most places do, same goes for calling it "escolar" instead of "white tuna." I don't like tilapia or escolar but do appreciate their honesty!

2014 Mar 17
Ordered again Sun-nite, food was just as good as last time.

Interesting twist this time was that my co-diner was a firm no-raw-fish-or-seafood-for-me-tnx person, and still found a full meal plus leftovers worth of things to order from the sushi and 'big bites' menus, which were totally enjoyed.

2014 Mar 12
Not realizing it was the source of this thread, i ordered sushi delivery sight/unseen from Kochu last week (early Mar 2014).

I was nicely impressed... sashimi was well seized, Got white tuna and unagi. Both fresh. 3-4 pieces per order.

Spicy scallops were properly spicy without loosing the scallop taste. 2/order.

The kimchi/bacon roll was a revelation. May have benefited from a bit more bacon, but still, serious yum-factor. 8/order.

The half and half (crap/shrimp tempura thingy) was a nice seafood/avacado/other stuff combo. Also 8/pieces.

Ordered one other 8 pieces, can't remember what it was but i enjoyed it.

All of that was $50, easily enough for two hungry people (albeit i ate it all at two sittings).

Delivery was fast.

Will order from them again. Extra points for a nifty online ordering system.

2013 Jan 11
felinefan, it's the complete lack of details a regular customer would put, and the service-industry jargon reading like a press release that tells us it's a shill. "Their menus are affordable and delicious at the same time" - what, with a little salt? :)

The only reason I could see is that there were no reviews in almost three years.

For actual content, I went there once about 2.5 years ago, and like most other reviewers, found it quite fine, a few very nice items; I also realised brown rice nigiris and makis might be an acquired taste, but had no problem with the quality of the rice itself or of the fish. I have been meaning to go check them out again, I'm just seldom in that end of Elgin. It would be worth a re-visit and see if it still holds out. (but that would mean the shill served its purpose of upping business... then again, if we can do it for Manotick, we can do it for Elgin!)

2013 Jan 11
Maybe it is an honest review, given the other positive reviews. If so, the person who posted the review must feel like they are less than welcome on this site.

2013 Jan 11
Weird part is, all the downthread reviews are positive, so i don't see why they felt they needed to throw in a ringer.

2013 Jan 10

Oh, I don't know, New User 5242's is quite sensible of one reads it in the original Swedish (chef) - I myself greatly love this cuisine (though I have not yet tried Kochu Sushi) of BeepBeepBeepimbep:

"It hes beee a vheele-a seence-a I feesited Kuchoo, boot I cun nefer furget zee greet ixpereeence-a ooff teste-a und serfeece-a et zee restoorunt.

hey ere-a meeenly fucooseeng zeeur oopereshuns oon teke-a oooot und deleefery, hooefer, zeere-a ere-a spece-a prufeeded fur zee coostumers vhu vuoold leeke-a tu injuy zeeur meel inseede-a. It hes cuzy und breeght etmusphere-a, und zee steffffs ere-a freeendly und velcumeeng! Zeey ere-a fest und eccoorete-a vhee zeey ere-a mekeeng zee cooeesines. Seence-a it hes un oopee keetchee intereeur, yuoo cuoold tell hue-a cleun und neet zeey ere-a vhee zee impluyees ere-a prepereeng zee deesh.

Zeeur menoos ere-a effffurdeble-a und deleeciuoos et zee seme-a teeme-a. Its a Kureun/Jepunese-a zeemed restoorunt vheech hes veede-a runge-a ooff menoos; frum mekee rulls tu Kureun menoo celled BeebBeepBeepimbep. I treeed zee 'Kemeekezi shreemp' und zee 'Helff und helff Rulls' veet a freeend vhu hes a peecky teste-a. Kuchoo use-a zee fresh und creesp ingredeeents vheech I ves eble-a tu tell joost by luukeeng und testeeng zee deesh. Zee cheffs ere-a skeelled und zeeur fuuds ere-a su guud und testy! Nut oonly zee decur ooff zee deesh is vunderffool boot zee teste-a is unffurgetteble-a. My freeend und I reelly injuyed zee meel und she-a seeed thet she-a veell cume-a oofftee tu thees restoorunt.

I trooely theenk thet Kuchoo's preece-a, fuud, cleunleeness, und serfeece-a ere-a ell greet! It mekes me-a feesit zeeur plece-a egeeen und egeeen. I recummend Kuchoo fur ieteeng oooot, teke-a oooot, und deleefery. I dun't theenk uny oozeer coostumers veell regret fur selecteeng Kuchoo tu ixpereeence-a Jepunese-a/Kureun deesh! "

2013 Jan 10
Sorry, Kochu management - I mean New User 5242, you have a lot to do to get even to the ankle of New User 5207's fabulously incoherent shill review. It is the new standard here now.

2013 Jan 9
It has been a while since I visited Kochu, but I can never forget the great experience of taste and service at the restaurant.

They are mainly focusing their operations on take out and delivery, however, there are space provided for the customers who would like to enjoy their meal inside. It has cozy and bright atmosphere, and the staffs are friendly and welcoming! They are fast and accurate when they are making the cuisines. Since it has an open kitchen interior, you could tell hoe clean and neat they are when the employees are preparing the dish.

Their menus are affordable and delicious at the same time. Its a Korean/Japanese themed restaurant which has wide range of menus; from maki rolls to Korean menu called Bibimbap. I tried the 'Kamikazi shrimp' and the 'Half and half Rolls' with a friend who has a picky taste. Kochu use the fresh and crisp ingredients which I was able to tell just by looking and tasting the dish. The chefs are skilled and their foods are so good and tasty! Not only the decor of the dish is wonderful but the taste is unforgettable. My friend and I really enjoyed the meal and she said that she will come often to this restaurant.

I truely think that Kochu's price, food, cleanliness, and service are all great! It makes me visit their place again and again. I recommend Kochu for eating out, take out, and delivery. I don't think any other customers will regret for selecting Kochu to experience Japanese/Korean dish!

2010 Mar 1
I've ordered take-away and randomly purchased sushi from Kochu on numerous occasions for lunch at work.

Space: I have not eaten in at Kochu but I have waited for my food on occasion ;). It's very bright (which I'm sure is due, in part, to the giant windows above the restaurant) and always clean. It's nice to be able to watch as the staff prepare your food; there is one bar by the prep area, and two little tables along the wall. It is very small and I've seen it PACKED with people before, so be forewarned...

Service: Excellent service every time I've been. Phone orders are quick and efficient, everything is confirmed by reading it back to you. Very pleasant vibe from all the staff - each time I've been served by Misun Jang herself (one of the owners) and she is a wonderful host.

Menu: The menu is very easy to read - there are takeaway copies as well as sheets on the bar place settings and on the wall in the restaurant. There is a variety of maki, sashimi, nigiri, rice dishes and hot food. Right by the entrance there is also a small cooler with drinks, daily combos, salad, etc.

Food: I cannot express enough love for utterly fatty crazy roll (avocado, cream cheese, spicy sauce and crab stick), the spicy shrimp tempura, and the dynamite rolls. Smaller rolls (i.e. cucumber or sweet potato) are actually pretty large and are very well made. I was not a fan of the bulgogi roll, but I believe that is a taste preference. The lunch combos (often with a shrimp/salmon nigiri and variety of rolls) are a good deal and delicious.

The gyoza are tasty and are not the frozen ones you seem to get everywhere in the city. The edamame portion is large and well-salted. I have had the Spicy Pork on Rice dish and the flavour was good, but I was personally not expecting so much sesame oil flavour to come out of the dish - so much so that it was almost overpowering.

Also, the option to get your rice as brown rice is pretty fantastic; the brown rice is always very well prepared and tastes perfect.

Overall: A little bit different from the sushi you would "normally" expect, but remember that this is a Korean restaurant and as such, their food is not going to be perfectly in line with a Japanese sushi experience. I think it is wonderfully outside the Ottawa norm, the service is friendly, and it is incredibly convenient. I am sad to not be working so close to them anymore!


2008 Mar 24
My wife and I ordered bibimbap from Kochu a few weeks ago. Along with the usual veggies, rice and egg, their version includes beef strips which I think are marinated in bulgogi sauce. Quite tasty, and reasonably priced at $6.95.


2009 Sep 15
I agree that these are indeed great. I was a little worried because they have tempura flakes in them which can be very drying if over used, but they were a very pleasant addition to this roll.

2009 Mar 22
These are our new favourites in the realm of Sushi.

We discovered these at Kochu several months ago and they keep us coming back. The taste is like nothing else. We could make an entire meal out of them.


2009 Aug 2
miso, in this case

very light, mild, tasty, just enough of that "cheesy" miso flavour without being too salt


2009 Aug 2
great flavour
nice and garliky
I do fancy mine spicier but still......


2009 Aug 2
yes they do
I forgot to mention there is an extra charge
50 cents on rolls and 1$ for the bowls but more than worth it

2009 Aug 2
Chef Obi, does Kochu happen to do any brown-rice sushi?

2009 Aug 2
because I'm currently doing a carb kontrol diet, white rice is out
not always a big fan of brown rice BUT the brown rice offered as an option in lieu of white rice blew me away

very flavourful! light and fluffy


2009 Aug 2
in this case, pork bulgogi aka Gochujang bulgogi, was very very good

being an afficiando of pork, this ranks up there
sweet, spicy and salty
num num num
stirfried with onions and carrots
sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and served on brown (white available) rice..wow!

2013 Jan 6
We ordered delivery from Kochu on New Year's Eve. Ordering online was great and we placed our order early for a later delivery which was nice. The food was ok, not great, but I would give it another chance on a non-holiday meal when they might be less busy.

I had the veggie gyoza and it was my least favourite part of the meal. I found them over cooked and shriveled up. The filling was mashed together so I couldn't identify any particular flavour. There was definitely no way to tell what bits were mushroom or not.

2013 Jan 5
Gyoza!!!!!!! They have three different kinds of Gyoza; Beef, chicken and veggi. I tried all kinds
and veggi was the best!! When I chewed mushroom in the veggi Gyoza, it was so yummy!! Of course, beef and chicken were also awesome. I recommend this place if you are Gyoza mania~!!