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2014 Apr 11
Thanks very much Red Apron for your generous donation to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser.

2013 Feb 23
I was very surprised that nobody here has commented on the lunch counter at the Red Apron. I have had sandwiches at lunch from here twice now and both times they have been absolutely phenomenal, as good or better than any place in Ottawa that I have been to. Last Tuesday I had a grilled cheese with ham, cheddar cheese and pineapple. It was more than the sum of its parts. A good size and I believe it was 8.95. It would be worth going out of my way to return. Also rarely has a big line or long wait, which I appreciate. Good friendly service.

2011 Dec 3
Was being piggy so we got a second meal for two, braised beef brisket with roasted fingerling potatoes and cilantro pesto. The potatoes still firm were swimming in a delightful tangy pesto sauce that made the meal stand out. Brisket was cut Texas style with a heaping tasty amount. Not sure what the brisket was braised in but wish I had that recipe. Leftovers will satisfy for a day out in the cold next week. I keep forgetting about this place. Nice place to pick up that perfect Christmas gift for the foodie on your list with lost of jewels on the shelves.

2011 Dec 3
Didn't feel like cooking this weekend so you can't go wrong with the King of pre prepared meals The Red Apron. Braised duck on paella style rice with berkshire chorizo,peppers and peas was just amazing. Very rich and hearty. Paella was melt in your mouth creamy. All I can say is WOWIE!

2011 May 28
Known about this place for a while but finally took the plunge and got take out to heat up at home. Oh man this place can cook some tasty stuff. We tried the spinach ravioli with roasted spinach red pepper and mushrooms in a cream sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly even after heating it up for 25 minutes in the oven. Still al dente. Some restaurants in town should have a dish this good. Our second choice was Red Apron style Fitzroy beef shepherd's pie with Quebec cheddar. Something about what they cooked the beef in,just yummy. No ground chuck in this pie but shredded beef. Serving size suggests 2 but they are so tasty you better double up like we did.

2010 Apr 23
OMG they have the BEST carrot cake in the city. Pair it with a small container of Pascale's ice cream and you're laughin'...all the way to Weight Watchers. ;->

2010 Feb 21
Wonderful, unique, fresh, healthy, and oh so tasty! Give this place a try. They have this really great Tuesday-Thursday 'take dinner home option'. Instructions and all the ingredients are tastefully and conveniently put together. All you need to do is some transferring and heating up. We felt very satisfied after our mid-week meal (taking a break from cooking during the week!). They also have fabulous fresh-to-frozen meal options - they even have healthy wraps to take out of the freezer and bring to work for lunch. Really unique menu that is sure to satisfy most tastes.