Located on Spratt Rd in Riverside South

Foods from Remix Coffee House

2008 Feb 24
This is a new coffee place in Riverside South. I live in Manotick and we do not have many choices out here yet and this is a welcome addition.

They of course have coffee...the latte is a bit strong for my taste and I think I still prefer Starbucks but it is a very good second. They do have fair trade coffee.

The main reason I go there is for the food though. The have a good selection of muffins, sandwiches, soup and homemade baked goods. I have gone many times for a coffee and muffin to catch up with friends. Yesterday I went for lunch and had their veggie wrap with vegs, hummus and tabbouleh (?spelling) which was excellent. I didn't realize they had soup before, but I had a bowl of the butternut squash which really fit the bill.

They welcome parents with kids and I am told they have lots of organized events during the day (I saw a sign up book for various crafts). They could improve the decor a little as it is still very empty feeling and a bit industrial, but perhaps that will come with time. They need to get rid of the basic black floor mats at least.