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Aahar - the Taste of India
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2012 May 23
Was here again recently. The aloo matar is magic. That is all.

2011 Dec 2
Aahar should be in the conversation for the best Indian food in the city. We've been here more than a handful of times over the last couple years with a whole bunch of different groups, and nobody has ever left disappointed.

Anything on the menu is a good choice-- pakoras, bhaji, butter chicken, masala, tandoori-- but our standing orders are the channa masala (chickpea curry) and aloo matar (potatoes and peas). And they wow us every time. So flavourful, perfectly cooked and seasoned, and each with its own unique (and not necessarily spicy) kick. I'm not capable of speaking about them in much more detail than that.. other to say the food is always consistent and bang-on.

The service is friendly and it's a nice place inside. Can get a touch chilly if you sit near the door on a cold night. Take-out meals are just as good.

2011 Oct 22
Ordered take-out from Aahar for the first time last night. I had been meaning to check this place out for ages! I was NOT disappointed. Since I was in a rush, I didn't scan the menu too thoroughly, and ordered Butter Chicken and Channa Masala (saucy chick peas), along with some naan along with onion bajis to begin. Everything tasted fresh and delicious and the portion sizes were very generous (lots of leftovers). The chicken was so tender and buttery but NOT oily, which is something I find pretty commonly among other Indian restaurants. The chick peas were pretty spicy (I specified "medium" heat when I placed the order) and were incredibly aromatic. The bread had cooled a little by the time I got home, but it was chewy and tasty nonetheless. The bajis were so tasty, and the tamarind sauce was dynamite!! I think though, that they did suffer from fried food take-out syndrome and lost some crunch and heat during transfer. All in all a wonderful meal. I'll be more adventurous with our next order as I'm sure we'll return.

2010 Aug 23
We stopped in here for lunch last week for a taste of their buffet - it was pretty quite at 1:00 with lots of food still available. I loaded my plate with basmati, lamb korma, tandoori chicken, and a vegetarian curry featuring a vegetable I wasn't sure of (some kind of squash?), and some naan, lime pickles and mango chutney. The naan wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked but everything else was reasonably tasty and the dishes were hotly spiced, a bit of an enjoyable surprise. I went back for a rare second serving of the lamb (yum)and picked up some mint chutney to go with it. For dessert they had some fresh fruit (watermelon), some jalebi (cold), and an enjoyable mango kheer with sliced coconut and raisins. With coffee and buffet for 2 the tab was almost $30 which didn't give me indigestion (but the second helping of lamb korma did - note to self > stay with the old policy of eating only what goes on the first plate - no seconds).
I think it's worth having a go at the regular menu some night.

2010 Jul 8
Visitied last night after reading some good reviews and was not disappointed.

I was not there on a buffet night and ordered from the large menu.

The food was all very good, the lamb korma was excellent, and the vegetable pakoras were the best I've ever had. This is my new regular Indaian restaurant.

2009 Nov 12
Overall not a bad buffet.

When I went there, there were delicious pakoras, a tender lamb curry, standard tandoori chicken, a so-so spinach and chicken (not palak chicken) and two other veggie dishes.

Fruit custard was available for dessert and quite tasty.

The quality of food was good but the lack of selection will probably prevent me from frequenting the place often.

Will definitely go back to try a la carte dinner (with my Entertainment card, wutwut).

2009 Sep 16
a couple things i keep meaning to add about Aahar, echoing N's points:

* A's buffet is not huge, but items are rotated often, so over time (couple days) it can vary quite a bit.

* if you pop in @ 2pm, just as they're about to close for the aft. (as i sometimes do), you're often greeted by the family / staff hunkering down on the same buffet.

Don't know if the second point says anything definitive about the first, or about the quality for that matter, but it impresses me whenever i see owners & staff eating their own.

2009 Sep 16
Aahar definately has the best Punjabi Indian food in Ottawa!! The owner is so so friendly and the food is made fresh and delicious. My favourite used to be the dilruba, but I love everything!

2008 Sep 29
Ordering from Aahar last night for my SO, myself and five other starving friends, plus two little ones.

I was pleasently surprised. It was good, great even. The prices were around what you expect for most Indian (For 7 + 2 kids, it was $100 with some leftovers). Everything was well packed, both in quality and in the tetris game of getting 8 dishes, 5 rice, and 7 naan (which were ginormous) into two grocery bags. Very impressive.

They run buffets during the week at lunch, and dinner buffets on Sunday (and one other night...Tuesday?). The dinner buffet smelled amazing, and had all the regular stuff, with a few extras (a really neat looking paneer curry thing that I want to try).

Overall, a very pleasant food experience. But I do imagine that the owner could weigh on your after awhile, especially when eating in.

2008 Jul 17
on the basis of a couple take-outs and one eat-in, i can say i'm growing fond of Aahar. My preferences lean to the drier, less rich S. Indian style (more in line w/ Ceylonta), but Aahar's food is tasty, rib-expanding and varied fare (for the buffet lunch they had on).

The restaurant also deserves a prize for overhauling a previously dingy, dusty and dimly lit convenience store (that also offered some v. cheap but pretty decent Indian takeaway) into a restaurant substantially more bright & cheery, and also featuring some interesting ornate furnishings.

the owner / mgr is polite, friendly, and fwiw, the past couple times waiting for my take-out, i sat next to tables inhabited by families of Indian descent. i witnessed a lot of serious eating at those tables, so i guess it speaks to something that Aahar is doing well.

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2017 Apr 22
The Alta Vista location has a sign out saying they serve breakfast. This may be the only Indian breakfast available in a restaurant. Will have to check it out sometime!