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2008 May 31
I was not wearing any socks when I made the last minute decision to take my Mexican friend Oscar to The Foolish Chicken last night.

Great name, nice digs. Ho hum food.

I really wanted to like it. I certainly enjoyed my Beau's. But Oscar's chicken wings were just way too plebian (ultra red hot sauce anyone? Yawn), and the tastiness of the BBQ sauce (smokey, not-too-sweet) alongside the paltry rack of ribs and 1/4 chicken combo, wasn't sufficient to compensate for the visual let down. Hey this is supposed to be BIG food, right? I was looking for a major feed. Give me more meat I say! (and perhaps a corn muffin bigger than a chocolate truffle!)

I ordered a side of Caesar Salad, one of 5 or so offerings that come with the meal. Please, someone throw that salad a life buoy, it's drowning! Would you like a little salad with that dressing?

I like my Caesars fresh and crunchy, thank you.

So, sadly, I cannot recommend The Foolish Chicken.

BTW, this little piggy, well actually, half boar/half pig, grew up on Mariposa Farm last summer... I saw him or his kin being served up at Oz on Elgin -- now THERE's some meat!


2008 Apr 10
This is one of my favourite places to eat. The BBQ meats are cooked in this delicious homemade sauce, which I'm sure has clove in it, even though it's a SECRET sauce. You can tell after the first bite that they use very high-quality ingredients. The owners serve and they bake the desserts themselves. It's so so good!

So far, I've had the quarter chicken and pulled pork and both are really tender and tasty. When my boyfriend and I go, we order two big entrees (he usually gets ribs), two pints and two desserts, and the bill only comes to about $55.00 - now that's a deal!

The couple are really friendly and attentive, and there's history and culture here, too. The place is decorated in warm mustards, and the bar has nickel panels that were reclaimed from the old buildings on Parliament Hill, and there are paintings for sale on the walls by local artists. You should go!

2008 Mar 27
Went for dinner , with a friend, the other night.

My socks stayed on as well.

Food was nicely cooked with decent sides.

Only one thing, the server (who turned out to be the co-owner)tells us they are out of corn muffins. They are normally included with our combo plates.

My friend says: "Can you throw on a few more beans on my plate?". The answer from the owner was "NO!". Wow... Now here I am, talking about being 'shorted' a corn muffin, and not focusing on the food.

PS: I explained this to an ex-server, who used to work the Foolish Chicken. She said that it did not surprise her and was asked to serve day-old coffee, as well.

Cheap Cheap Cheap !!!

2008 Feb 29
I agree with Nanook, good, but not knocks your socks off good. I've had a lot of good BBQ from the southern states to compare this with and it's probably the closest you'll find to real BBQ in Ottawa (it's a shame Dixie Creek closed down). Maybe my bar is set a little high from what I had down south. Anyway, back to the food: I've had the BBQ chicken, pulled pork, & ribs, all were good. Accompanying sides were alright, I wasn't a big fan of the onion rings but liked the fries. I had a gingerbread cake with caramel/whisky sauce for dessert as well once, whoa, that was awesome. Thanks to the owner for recommending it to me! Overall the service was good, the owner came around to check on things. The atmosphere was ok, though, if you are seated upstairs when it's busy it can be very noisy.

2008 Feb 29
I went here today for lunch. It didn't knock my socks off, but it was good. I'd go back. I had a wrap and the Phyllo Banana for dessert. Not much wine selection by the glass.

They do have Beau's Lugtread on tap though. I know there's been some talk on here about it, so I figured I'd mention it.

2008 Feb 23
After a particularly bad week for the BF and I, we were really itching for some comfort food. Since the BF is a huge meat eater, we decided to try this place out. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted and brought upstairs to a nice little corner near a fireplace - cozy! The decor is really nice here, and if you think I'm lying, check out the bathrooms, they are very swanky. Anyways, we both ordered lugtread for bevvie's due to the rave reviews of it on this website and certainly weren't disappointed. My BF ordered the #2 combo for dinner, which is a quarter chicken, half rack of ribs and he chose sweet potatoe fries as a side. I chose the half rack of ribs with home fries as my side. The food itself was really quite good. The quarter chicken was enormous, the ribs had a nice flavour on their own, but also included sauce on the side if you preferred a stronger tasting rib. Everything was tender and very yummy. I even liked my BF's sweet potatoe fries with their own dipping sauce, even though I HATE this particular potatoe normally. I had the phyllo banana for dessert, my BF was too full to try anything else. Wow, just wow. When they say homemade people, they mean it. I have a sweet tooth, and I love bananas, so this was just perfect for me. Presentation on everything was lovely as well. Service too, was great. Our server turned out to be the owner, and he was funny, kind and very pleasant to talk to. I will definitely be returning soon.

2008 Jan 22
Our brother is in town & offered to take us out to dinner so my sister, bf and I decided on this place.
To start, we shared the walnut spinach salad - excellent!
Then we shared two combo platters that had a half chicken & half rack of ribs. Our sides were baked beans & wedge potatos. It was all fantastic! The rib sauce was super tasty. We decided that this place is worth returning to.
The girl serving us was friendly and attentive. The selection of beer on tap was a little dissapointing but that's not what we were there for.

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2013 Feb 2
New User 5293, did you mention any of these problems to the staff? Every time I've been to Foolish Chicken I've had no problems with the food, and the first couple of times the owner came round and checked on us to make sure everything was all right (which it was, and then some). If you don't tell them there was a problem, how will they know?

I'm all for voting with one's wallet, but I'm also fond of giving places a chance to improve if they don't satisfy, especially if they've impressed me before.

2013 Feb 2
I've been to the Foolish Chicken 5 times and last evening was the last time I will be going. The first visit was great. I had the pork ribs with sweet potato fries. Since then I've had one other good experience. But last evening I had the rotisserie chicken, and I must say, Costco's rotisserie chicken is MUCH better and less expensive. The chicken was dry, and the sweet potato fries weren't freshly made. The whole meal seemed to have been made earlier in the day. This is not the first time my meal has not been freshly made. This is very dissapointing given that my very first experience was terrific. I don't get how it could be so bad when this is what they do-chicken and ribs. Take pride in your food!