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2017 Sep 21
This is two orders of the Vegetarian Platter ($11.95 each). It has fewer piles of food than the full meat-based one, but it's still a heck of a bargain and is probably a more sensible portion. 👍

2017 Sep 21
This is 3 orders of Habesha Platter ($13 each). Around 10 assorted dishes per person (you can see three of each on the plate). In addition to the saucy things, there was also a hard boiled egg and a chicken drumstick for each of us.

It comes with a big plate of injera (the crepe-like Ethiopean bread made with teff flour) and they will happily bring more if you need it. It's hard to judge the scale from the photo, but this tray was probably half a metre in diameter. So delicious and so much food!

For the quality and quantity, the price is a bargain. Highly recommended! Be prepared to eat with your hands and get a bit messy in the process.

2011 Mar 15
I've been to a few Ethiopian restaurants, and this one definitely has the best-tasting food. The vegetarian platter is flavourful and fresh. The meat platter has a lot of bold tastes and flavours. The stews complement the meat very well - this platter is a bit spicier than the veggie platter, but not overwhelmingly so. For a person who can't eat spicy foods at all though, it might be too much.

The service is not the traditional kind found at chain restaurants (ie. "Hi! My name is so-and-so and I'll be your server this evening!"). However, the staff is very friendly and accomodating - they forgot to charge us for our drinks one meal, and instead of going back they just said it was on the house. It hasn't been busy in the restaurant during the times I've been there, so I hope it stays in business because the quality of the food is so good!

2011 Jan 15
Visited this place very recently with my wife. The restaurant is rather small, with 5-6 tables in the front area.

There is also some tables and a bar/coffee house in the rear.

When we walked in at 6:15, the people who run the place were just getting in as well.

We ordered the Zilzil Tibs and the vegetable platter. The servings were rather small compared to what I've had before, but then I realized that it was pretty much an order for one each, which still made the prices pretty good.

However, if you're used to the assault of food you'd get from Lalibela or Ethiopian House in Toronto, you may want to order 3 dish between two people.

Despite the small portions, everything was tremendous and the staff was very friendly. The green lentils and collard greens were my favorites of the vegetables. The zilzil was a bit chewy, but still very tasty.

Our host commented with satisfaction when he noticed that we cleared everything including the injera, I guess other people don't? God knows why, it's the best part, with the juices soaked into the bread.

So with two 'plates' and tea, it came out to around 32 dollars, very inexpensive.

2010 Mar 4
You use this bread to grab the various meats, vegetables, pastes etc.

2010 Mar 4
I visited in July and just never posted anything about it. I really enjoyed the food, but can't recall any details.

2010 Feb 24
I did take-out from this place yesterday and was very satisfied. I ordered the Habesha platter for $13.

First thing that impressed me was when I opened my container at home, the presentation was great. The injera bread was of course the base for all the stews to go on, but since the bread is a bit bigger than the container, it slightly wrapped the food on top as well. So to start eating, you slightly unwrap and tear of injera to get inside. As you unwrap, you see some steam and the wonderful flavors escape. So unlike Chinese Food where by the time you get home, the sauces are all over...this was not only ok...its a great great takeout food.

In terms of the taste and quality...

The flavors were great, not over-powering or overly spicy. I'm not a huge fan of overly spicy food and I was concerned a bit about that..but it was not. There was some veggie stews and some meat based, a small salad, and as mentioned, there was a beautifully flavored drumstick with a boiled egg and the meat on the drumstick was delicious and soft. Everything seemed fresh. There is different flavors to the stews so its fun to go from one thing to another..and you have like 6-7 choices.

It was also very filling. You could easily eat it twice. Though I was so hungry that I ate 85% of it in the first sitting.

If I had any complaint it be that they are all stews, and while the flavors are different, the variety in terms of style is missing a bit in the cuisine. So that's the only reason I wouldn't rate it 8/10 or above. I'd rate it a solid 7.5 because it's really good food though and quiet unique as well.

2010 Jan 6
Habesha combo platter + cooked Kitfo.

Next time I go I'm going to be brave and order the traditional Kitfo, which is apparently less saucy and less cooked.

2009 Dec 22
The Habesha Restaurant has moved to 574 Rideau near the corner of Charlotte street. They're in the large medical building, and there is plenty of free parking in the building's back lot.

I've eaten there three times since they've moved, and the food is just as delicious as it was at when they were on Wellington.

I can't remember how many tables there were at the old location, but the new one seems slightly smaller. But it also looks like they renovated before moving in, so it's also brighter and newer.

2009 Sep 23
:( that's sad new Zym - I wonder where they'll end up on Rideau? I'll have to make it out as well before they move, it's one of my fav places in that hood.