Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant
Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant
Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant
Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant
Foods from Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant

2015 Nov 13
Name change from Mugena Enterprises to Fumi's African Caribbean Restaurant.

2013 Apr 10
I stopped in to look around the other day and discovered something I have never tried before but only dreamed about; goat patty. It was excellent! Fluffy pastry, mushy ground goat, and just a little kick of heat. Dreamy!

2011 Jul 3
At Jazz fest tonight I picked up a spicy Jamaican patty from the Mugena tent.

Unfortunately I didn't try any curries, roti or jerk. A side order of plantain was 2 bucks, but they give you three small pieces - so I skipped that ripoff.

The patty was crappy... the boxed kind which is filled with the sketchiest ground beef ever.

The other offerings looked half decent though.

2011 Apr 17
Had a great roti here on friday evening. Very nice service and friendly atmosphere, will definitely be back there often!

2011 Mar 16
Went March 15th, 2011.

Very friendly service by (I believe) the son of the owners. The food was delivered quickly and was very, very good. Their ginger beer was fantastic! I had the spicy and my wife had the smooth. Very happy with our experience there.

2008 Dec 23
Thank you, Captain Caper!
That's the very one! My bottle says $5.99, so it's nice to see the prices haven't gone up!

I'm dipping a sandwich in some right now...and oh man is it ever good!

2008 Dec 22
Hey Kael !

The hot sauce or should I say 'Pepper Sauce' you are referring to is the fabulous Mugena Enterprises (Husband is from Africa and wife is from Jamaica) Homemade Hot Pepper Sauce.

.... And yes it does have a wonderful full flavour, not just a wack of heat. As the label states, "May contain carrots, chayotes or green papaya and cilantro."

The picture is a scan of abottle from my hot sauce collection. It has a $5.99 price sticker, but I bought it last spring.

2008 Dec 21
I had the fortunate experience of trying this place at a charity luncheon for Project Tembo (www.projectembo.org/) a couple weeks ago.

The food was FABULOUS! Fried plantains, chicken curry, chickpea and potato curry, excellent veggie rice, and the BEST hotsauce! I ate so much of it that I turned bright red (it takes a lot to do that to me!) and when I bought some later and brought it to work, my coworker and I dipped bread straight into it (I would recommend NOT doing this at work, haha). It's their own recipe and my god is it ever good! I can't remember the name (I already finished it - ouch) but it's bright orange and in a largeish bottle.

It's hard to find very spicy hot sauce with a nice depth to the flavour and heat, so this stuff is DEFINITELY a winner. I think it was $6.

2008 Dec 18
Went in for a take-out Goat Roti and a ginger-beer last night.

Roti was good as usual, but not as good as Caribbean Flavours. Then again The Caribbean Flavours Goat Roti costs 33% more than Mugena's.

Mugena's are in the process of changing their 2-bay (in a Strip Mall) store and Cafe into a seperate store and a seperate restaurant with their own entrances.

The retaurant will have a small bar at the back with pot lighting through out and many bench style seats.

I just hope (with crossed fingers) that the $8.99 Goat Roti does not go up in price to pay for the renovations.

We all know what happened to The Azteca when they 'beautified' the place.



2011 Mar 16
Went last night for dinner with my wife. I had the Jerk Chicken with rice and peas. In a word, it was fantastic! The chicken was very tender and moist, the chicken just fell off the bones. (I had the thigh) The seasoning was very tasty and well proportioned to the chicken. The rice and peas were perfect - especially with their amazing hot pepper sauce as a condiment.

We're definitley going back.


2008 Jun 29
I asked my colleague (who was from Trinidad) where to buy Jamaican Patties. She told me that Mugena has the authentic Jamaican Patties (from Toronto). They have beef patties, curry goat patties, callaloo (spinach) and cod fish patties, vegetable patties, soya patties, chicken patties etc. I was warned that the patties there are very spicy.

Anyone tries their patties?