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A booth at the Ottawa Farmers' Market, offering Swiss bakery goods.

Zopf at Swissly
Foods from Swissly

2014 Mar 23
Sometimes people create new accounts when their email address has changed and they've forgotten their old password. I'd assume that's what happened here. Not a big deal. I'm just happy to hear that the owner has recovered and is planning to bring her great products back to the Farmers Market!

2014 Mar 23
Not to be snarky or anything, but New User 5849 writes the same way as New User 966. New user 966 only ever commented on Swissly - all three posts.

2014 Mar 23
how great is that??? swissly is back! I met the women in Orleans yesterday. they try to go back to the farmers market as a vendor. jammy!!!!!
here heart-attack is now only a bad memory, she said to me. They are now located in Limoges, near Ottawa - direction Embrun/Vars.
Great - I wish the swiss-peopel really good luck and a big welcom back in ottawa!

2008 Jul 29
I buy last Sunday at the lansdown park a Zopf and a "quark"potty (similar to a cheesecake - but more fluffy) - both was really 'bang off' = I never had that amasing goodies!!! I will go to the store - as soon as possible: jammy...

2008 Jun 5
not that great



2008 Jul 29
Hi Bronze -
may be you have to eat the Zopf at the same or the next day after you bring them at home.... that is the best bread that I ever had! and you try the 6-grain???? mmmmmmh - I don't understand you...

2008 Jul 25
i bought it once, but could taste that something was 'off'. Ive had better.

2007 Nov 8
Not the nicest looking Zopf in the world, but the taste was bang on! This is truly authentic and very much worth a try, especially if you have a freezer full of Strawberry jam from last summer! :-)

2008 Jul 29
Hi - I bought rasperry-scones from swissly two weeks ago: that was 2die4!! try that - really a different to the usual scones from anyone! Art-is-in was before that buy my favorite - but now: they are moved to the second place!